Gust Front
Tsuda Minami
Played by: Tsuda Minami
Name: Senri Mizushima
Codename: Gust Front
Alias: Sen
Race: Mutant
Team: Citizens
Occupation: Medical resident
Additional Info: An aspiring doctor, lifelong runner, and relatively recent mutant, Senri takes the responsibility of helping people as a given. Though she followed the law and registered, most of her time is consumed by more mundane heroics. That said, she doesn't shy from using her powers, either.

A native of New York City, Senri has been a runner ever since her earliest memories. She was an eternal worry to her parents, as she would constantly disappear, wandering off to explore (often at a run). To her delight, her third grade P.E. teacher decided to introduce parkour as an optional activity, and she was hooked from then on, seizing on every chance she got to practice. Starting in middle school, she was a member of her schools' track teams, thriving on the competition and giving a good account of herself. In her sophomore year of high school, she took a part-time job at a nearby pizzeria, starting as an insider. This coincided with her interest in the medical field, and the earnings that were not saved up went toward funding her Basic Life Support certification. Heeding the advice of her parents and teachers, she applied for college in her senior year. As a result, she was able to begin the trek toward paramedic certification immediately upon graduation, with the eventual goal of becoming a doctor. Having received a road bike as a graduation present, she became a delivery girl at the pizzeria. Between it and every means of financial assistance she could get her name attached to, she graduated with a B.S. in Emergency Services and certification on both the state and national level. While she was able to secure a position in FDNY's EMS, the workload swept away thoughts of further education for a good year. Only after becoming accustomed to the frenetic schedule did she consider herself up to the challenge of juggling work and school once again. Armed with both certification and experience, she was able to apply successfully for medical school. Between work and stubbornly persisting to apply herself to her studies, she ran herself ragged. In the midst of all that, she manifested rather quietly the day after her twenty-third birthday while out for a run. So quietly, in fact, that it took her a good week to figure out that something had happened. After that, though, she set to solving the puzzle presented by her own body, applying her imagination toward testing her limits. Now, three years later and much more frazzled, she has emerged with her MD and exchanged a place in EMS for a medical residency slot. Superheroism is a very distant priority for her, but she's found time to grow comfortable with her powers regardless.

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