Harley Quinn
No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Harleen Quinzel
Codename: Harley Quinn
Alias: Harley
Race: human
Team: Neutral
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
Additional Info: Dance the Edge of Sanity

Harleen Quinzel was born in Brooklyn, New York, to a middle class family. Her mother was a waitress, her father a sometimes day laborer, most of the time con-artist and drunk. A deadbeat brother and a sensible sister. Stability was Harleen's first obsession, chance gave Harleen the mind of a genius, then stuck her with a manic nature and a co-dependant personality. In school, Harleen excelled, filled her life with ballet, gymnastics, and study. Born to a chaotic world, Harleen turned every effort to perfect order.

Harleen sought to understand her world through people, she worked her way to NYU and completed first a psycology degree, then won her way into NYU's medical school. She graduated in the top of her class.

So remarkable was the new psychiatrist's skill that she took a job infamous Arkham Asylum. Harleen was absolutely devoted to the impossible, curing the world's most twisted criminals. Unfortuately, Quinzel was already near a breaking point herself.

She took over the worst of the worst, pawned off on the young optimist, including the Joker, who was able to turn the tables on Dr. Quinzel, "helping" her to understand insanity. Harley Quinn was first born as an attempt to empathize with the costumed crazies on their own terms.

Student loan debt, and other stresses of her perfectionist nature eroded Harleen's psyche. A few mysterious gifts cleared her debt. And Harleen's plans to write a book on the Joker and the reformation of other inmates and patients was stolen by her supervisor. Furious, Harleen took her issues to the Joker, who consoled her, talked her through (into) a breakdown. He revealed himself as her secret admirer. Harley then helped the Joker escape, in return, he kindly killed her supervisor.

Guilt ridden and broken, her life unraveling, Harleen flipped. Chaos was freedom, life. Harleen became Harley in more than disguise.

After years as Harley Quinn, Harley found herself stuck in Arkham as an inmate and patient for not the first time. Then came the Reign of Terror, Harleen was recruited by a special secret team. There were dark things done in the shadows of the Reign of Terror War and following. The Suicide Squad did the necessary evils shiny heroes would not. It was during this time that Harleen acquired the PI (Physical Invictus) Serum while raiding <information redacted>. The variation of the numerous "super-soldier" research projects greatly enhanced Harleen to extraordinadry level. Once finished with missions that are still classified and redacted, Harleen was returned to Arkham.

During the rebuilding, Harleen Quinzel was freed from Arkham, marked sane and reformed, her deal from the Suicide Squad. Quietly re-entering society, and obsessed with keeping her freedom, Harleen reviewed her life. Seemed like time for a change. Not everything the Suicide Squad did was bad, and Harley really liked helping children, being praised for doing the right thing, and having earned something at some levels independently.

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