Alex Pettyfer
Played by: Alex Pettyfer
Name: Alexander Summers
Codename: Havok
Alias: Alex, Havok
Race: Mutant
Team: X-Men
Occupation: Teacher/Hero
Additional Info: FOOOOOM!

Alex Summers grew up an Air Force brat until a freak plane crash seemingly killed his parents. This orphaned both brothers and separated them into foster homes far removed from one another. Alex was adopted by the Master's family and would then grow up on the sunny coasts of Southern California, Alex would become a gifted student and athlete, winning several amateur surfing competitions and participating in various school based sports. Alex's life changed dramatically again when his volatile, uncontrolled mutant power manifested. Thankfully, the X-Men sought him out, led by Alex's long-lost brother. Relocating to Westchester, Alex learned more about his abilities, especially how to control them. Taking up the codename Havok, Alex joined the ranks of the X-Men, hoping to help other mutants as he himself was helped. Years would pass while in the Xavier School and he would grow and develop in his education, powers, and his personality. In this, he would become the X-Man he is. Now, he is part of the team as well as part of the school in the capacity as instructor of Geology and other Physical Sciences.

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