Jeremy Renner
Played by: Jeremy Renner
Name: Clint Francis Barton
Codename: Hawkeye
Alias: Clint
Race: human
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Additional Info: NA


Clinton Francis Barton doesn't talk much about his childhood. Once, when he was drunk at a team party, he said something about being taught how to trick shoot because he ran away and joined the circus. What does seem like less of a yarn is that he was born in Waverly, Iowa, and at some point trained to be a master archer. A more likely story given his long career in SHIELD was that he was recruited and trained in the unconventional. yet silent weapon. Funny that the circus thing is what comes up when his guard is down, though.
Most of Barton's active duty time in SHIELD (under the codename Hawkeye) is very deeply redacted with the deepest of black ink. At some point , he was sent to kill a Russian agent named Black Widow. Maybe he saw a kinship in her, maybe he realized they were two sides of the same coin - maybe the redhead seduced him. Whatever happened, instead of killing her, he advocated for her recruitment and helped turn her from the Russians. Whatever happened in Budapest remains between them, and maybe a sealed file somewhere. The mission also damaged his hearing and left him partially deaf. SHIELD taught him how to lip read. Between that and a sophisticated hearing aid, his disability doesn't slow him down much.
It's been difficult for Hawkeye to learn how to function as a team after years of functioning nearly autonomously. His appointment to the Avengers was a combination of chance and rising to the occasion rather than a deliberate recruitment. That explains why he's a man with a bow and arrow on a team with people far more powerful than him. It's a fact that he remains acutely aware of and tries to keep a sense of humour about.

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