Chloe Grace Moretz
Played by: Chloe Grace Moretz
Name: Mindy McCready
Codename: Hit-Girl
Alias: Mindy
Race: Human
Team: Justice Forever
Occupation: Full-Time Student
Additional Info: Rated R

Mindy McCready's early life was mostly a lie. She'd been led by her father to believe that he himself was a former cop who's wife had been killed by mobsters. In truth, her father was an accountant with a powerful love of comics. He wanted his daughter to experience a life full of adventure, and by selling his more rare comics he was able to do so.

She was trained to be a vigilante hero out to avenge her mother, and up until the point she met Dave Lizewski who was a boy out to become a hero, she did so. However through a series of events involving Lizewski she learned the truth about her father, and then upon his death custody of her was transferred to her still living mother, but with an intention to finish what she and her father had started with the now added desire to avenge her father.

Upon arriving there, she met her mother for the first time in her life and also her very real cop step-father. He knew of her escapades while with her father and made her promise that she would stop what she was doing. She made the promise but the call-of-duty brought her to break it many times.

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