Prince of Wolves
Jude Law
Played by: Jude Law
Name: Hrimhari
Codename: Wolf-Prince
Alias: Hrimhari the Noble
Race: Asgardian Werewolf
Team: Asgardians
Occupation: Monarch, Spy, Adventurer
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Hrimhari is the Prince of Wolves.

Not much is known about him or his origins, except that he is a descendent of the dreaded Fenris Wolf - one of the greatest and most fell of enemies to face Thor and his mighty companions. But. Hrimhari is nothing like Fenris. And he proved his honour and loyalty to Asgard many times over.

He was born a wolf - a Vargr - like so many others of Fenris' offspring, with the blood of the Aesir (like Thor's people), and the Seidr (sorcerers, like Loki) in him as well. An indeterminate amount of time transpired before the great Hrimhari took 'human' form - rather, wolfman form. He was never able to appear fully human.

The rise to becoming the Prince of Wolves did not happen 'overnight', so to speak. He worked toward it over the course of years - decades, perhaps centuries - fighting his way up (not so much against other wolves, although there were more than a few competitors for the 'crown', and some of them still served Fenris, but against their enemies: like the Frost Giants).

In that time, Hrimhari came to know Thor, Sif, the Warriors Three - especially Hogun the Grim, whom he encountered first. Hrimhari joined Hogun on many of his adventures. Once named Prince of Wolves, Hrimhari swore his fealty to the Allfather, and since then has served as both an 'under-monarch', as well as a scout and spy. He studied with the court-seidr (mages) as well as war-masters, yet maintained a gentleness of spirit that seemed to befit a healer more than a warrior.

Regardless, the Prince of Wolves earned the respect of his peers and his subjects, and now the adventure continues…

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