Kate Beckinsale
Played by: Kate Beckinsale
Name: Helena Bertinelli
Codename: Huntress
Alias: N/A
Race: Human
Team: N/A
Occupation: High School Teacher
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  • Helena Bertinelli was born to Maria Bertinelli who was in the midst of an affair with Santo Cassamento. Her early childhood was spent listening to her mother fight with her father, Franco, who often abused her mother.
  • At the age of eight, Helena witnessed the death of her entire family. Due to miscommunication, Helena was allowed to live.
  • After she reached adulthood she returned to Gotham, revenge on her mind. To provide herself with a job, Helena got her degree in education and got her credentials to teach English, choosing to teach at a high school level. She also started to take martial arts lessons. At night she took on the guise of Huntress and started to exact revenge upon those who have wronged her, not only seeking out those responsible for killing her family but some of her own blood as well, wanting to make them pay for the fear she lived in as a girl.
  • Over the years she ran those who disapproved of her methods, some of the other heroes who call Gotham home. She would eventually try to keep her desire for bloodshed at bay and began to work with them, although that was often short-lived as she often fell back to old habits.
  • Over time, Helena was presented with leads and clues that would give her an opportunity to return to Sicily for reasons she kept from the others. After a hiatus that lasted for several months, Helena returned to Gotham for a second time although it's can only be guessed at as to what happened while she was gone as she's not saying anything.
Huntress Logs
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