Cody Saintgnue
Played by: Cody Saintgnue
Name: Killian Joshua Rosen
Codename: Impulse
Alias: Kian
Race: Mutant
Team: N/A
Occupation: Student
Additional Info: Big fan of the band Twenty One Pilots.
Has a youtube channel he regularly uploaded to, still uploads now and then.

1999, year of the first hand transplant, the Blair Witch Project and the year Killian joined the Rosen family about half an hour after his twin. Supposedly to the fifth time happy parents Ruari and Sam Rosen and that would be the case if it wasn't for the affair between Sam and Ruari's brother Aedan roughly nine months previously, which to this day Ruari doesn't know about. So it looks like ignorance is actually bliss because the happy couple brought their twins home to their four boys with big hopes for their not quite so little family. Killian and his twin were named by their dying grandmother, who took her choice for their names from their Irish heratige. His dad was a cop and his mom a High School Principal, so they had enough money growing up, but still with four older brothers he got a lot of hand-me-downs.

The next couple of years were as you'd expect from a normal (if somewhat large) family until the summer after the Killian turned four when a man in his thirties showed up one night saying he'd decided it was about time he met the children, Sam quickly took the children upstairs where she called the police, from downstairs there was the sound of the man talking and Ruari yelling followed by several loud crashing sounds and the sound of the front door slamming. When they finally went downstairs Ruari was explaining the situation to the police, neither Sam or Ruari would tell Killian or any of their other children who the man was but almost a decade later Killian would learn that the man was their grandfather.

He may have not have had all the best toys growing up with five siblings but he had a very happy childhood, being the youngest him and his twin had it easy compared to his older brothers, his brothers didn’t hold it against him, though they did used to tease him up by calling him the baby. Much like his brother's and dad Killian picked up an obsession with sports so in order to give him some more well-rounded interests his mom convinced him to take up some form of art, so Killian started learning how to play the drums.
Around the fifth grade Killian started to realise the downside to having four older brothers to look up to, he had a lot to live up to (in his mind anyway), which is what started him throwing himself full force into everything he did, passionately and often quite impulsively, often taking on things he's not ready for and injuring himself in the process. This also lead to him giving up playing soccer to take up football like his brothers, while he did share their love of the sport and was good at it, he was very good at soccer and was well-praised for it.

When Killian was eleven (before giving up soccer) he was on his way home from practice being driven by his best friend Grey’s mom when the car was hit in the side by a joyrider. Killian was on the other side of the car so got away with a few cuts and bruises but Grey was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. After several hours of surgeries Grey’s condition was stabilized but he was left in a coma and the doctors felt it was unlikely he’d ever wake up. Killian spent the next few months visiting his friend every day after school and on weekends hoping he’d wake up but he never did, he had to start moving on but he still visits Grey a couple of times a week to just keep him up to date with what was going on at school and on TV ready for when he wakes up. Nearly a year after the accident Killian was pulling back his desk looking for something when he found something of Grey’s, his harmonica. He must've left it there the day before the accident when he slept over and it got knocked behind the desk, to try and keep more of a connection to his friend he quit playing the drums and took up playing the harmonica.

During his high school years he split his time between football practice, school work and friends, when he needed time alone or to think he used to either play the harmonica or work on his car while looking forward to getting his licence, other than something of an inferiority complex he was pretty content, wouldn't last much longer though.

Shortly before Killian turned 16 his powers manifested, when he was working is his garage with his twin. He was fiddling with a car battery when it gave off a strong discharge, rather than shock him his body absorbed the electricity draining the battery. After a couple of hours trying to fix it he started packing up to go home, however when he touched the cables that are supposed be linked to the battery he released some of the electricity starting up the car, confused they left meaning to have a family friend take a look.

A couple of days later he was attending a house party when his status as a mutant was very much confirmed. Breaking away from the others at the party Killian slipped upstairs to use the bathroom when a friend caught up with him, having had a couple of drinks they pulled him into a kiss and Killian's shock activated his emerging powers again. After a couple of seconds those downstairs heard a crash and running to the scene found the friend unconscious on the floor and Killian standing over them with a look of shock on his face. No one made any move to help the person on the floor they just stared at Killian before someone call out “That's Killian!”. That's when he caught his reflection in the mirror next to him, his hair was bleached white, his sclera had turned black, his irises were glowing bright red, pupils turned white and the blood in his veins was also glowing showing the pattern of veins across his face. Someone grabbed his arms as there be shouts of “He’s a mutant!”, wrenching himself away Killian runs into a nearby bedroom and climbs out the window dropping onto the lawn below then kept on running. Scared to go back home he found himself wandering towards the train station and (now with the changes fading) buying a ticket to New York, something (the foreign life essence in his system) giving him the feeling that it’s a safe place.

Having arrived in New York Killian spent some time wandering the city to clear his head, after a while he found himself suddenly surrounded by a crowd who began bustling, bumping and shoving into him before he finds himself stumbling into what looks like a disused warehouse. About to leave he turns and walked further in as he thought he heard voices, peering over a large crate he saw a group of men talking about what to do with the 'Mutie' they've caught. He would've turned tail and run if he hadn't spotted the 'Mutie' in question, a little scared boy looking no older than four or five, panicing he shouted, "Want a mutant? come get one!", however as he turned to run out of the warehouse to lead them away he rand into another group, seemingly waiting for him.

Waking up several hours later Killian found himself chained to the wall over the warehouse with a searing pain in his chest, "Look the mutie is awake, shall we give him a look?", with an approving laugh from the rest of the group one approached Killian holding a reflective piece of metal in front of him, and thats when Killian saw the source of the pain, there was blood dripping down his chest and stomach coming from the word 'Mutant' carved into his chest. After a series of taunts of which Killian did his best not to show weakness the thugs did the one thing that turned the whole situation around, grabbing the little boy from before by the arm and threatening to make them match. Strugging against the chains the metal started making it's way across his arms as it covered his skin, clothing and hair which gave Killian enough strength to break free. The next minute or so is still a blur for the young mutant but using the strength he got from the metal he managed to get himself and the boy away before collapsing outside of a police station.

A lot happened over the next couple of weeks, the police obviously called Killian's parents who came to get him, they tried to get in contact with the parents of the little boy but found they had been killed in their home in Mutant Town, lastly Killian was approached by the Xavier Institute. Several things were decided, Killian would attend the institute for both his and other's protection and his parents would take steps to try to adopt the little boy from Mutant Town who was called Hunter. Something else odd happened over those following weeks, while searching for Killian's attackers they found them (not knowing that it was them) as a series of bodies found in an old club in Hell's Kitchen, who killed them is still unknown. But to brighter things, time for Killian to join his new school…

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