Invisible Woman
Sue Storm
Alice Eve
Played by: Alice Eve
Name: Susan Storm
Codename: Invisible Woman
Alias: Sue
Race: Metahuman
Team: Fantastic Four
Occupation: Scientist
Additional Info: NA

Susan Storm was born to a normal family in Long Island, New York. Her parents were both scientists and she was raised in an environment geared towards science and education. Unfortunately, when she was a little girl her mother left, forcing her father to raise her and her younger brother, Johnny, by himself. He proved a loving, though busy father, and Sue rose to the challenge, acting almost as a mother to both of them. This drove her to excel and she pushed herself academically, graduating several years early from high school.

College was an area to excel for Susan and she attended one of the top science universities in the northeast, eventually graduating early with doctorates in both biochemistry and biochemical physics. Despite receiving offers from many prestigious organizations, Susan turned to a childhood dream that she had shared with her brother, going into space. He had never been scientifically-inclined like the rest of his family, so Johnny had turned to daredevil, adrenaline-filled exploits and managed to join NASA as a pilot. Susan soon joined him in astronaut training and was assigned as a mission specialist to an Orion capsule flight, along with her brother, scientist Reed Richards, and pilot Ben Grimm. Disaster struck in the middle of the mission and the entire crew was exposed to cosmic radiation.

Everything seemed fine when they first returned to Earth, but within a few days problems started to crop up. Eventually the four realized that the radiation had given them super powers. In Susan's case, she gained the power of invisibility and the ability to project forcefields. Fairly quickly they became involved in several high profile incidents in New York City, their home base, and became one of the most well-known groups of super heroes and celebrities in their own right, with their real names publically known. Susan didn't want the spotlight, but she put up with it, preferring to concentrate on her research and her friendships with the other three members of her team. As one of the top minds in the country in various biosciences, she has found herself frequently advising various groups from the US government to the Avengers and SHIELD.

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