It's a Mad, Mad Murderworld
It's a Mad, Mad Murderworld!
Title: It's a Mad, Mad Murderworld!
Status: Finished
Synopsis: When SHIELD agents go missing, the Agency is thrown into a diabolic plot by the master mutant, Arcade!
Duration: September 11, 2015 - September 29, 2015
Participants: SHIELD Agents
Run By: Triskelion
Additional Info: Coming soon!
  • Several SHIELD agents have gone missing recently.
  • Black Widow and Hawkeye discovered a dead SHIELD agent and were captured, taken to an abandoned theme park in Upstate New York.
  • Arcade announced his intentions to have them run through Murderworld as a Pay-Per-View Event.

Scene Ideas

Rescuing the Rescuers - Clint and Natasha are making their way to Melinda, but with Natasha hurt and now with the burden of a rescued child, who will rescue them?
Finding Arcade - Where is his command center?
Motives - Arcade is a known Mercenary - who paid him to captured SHIELD agents?

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