J Jonah Jameson
JJ Jameson
Played by: .
Name: James Jonah Jameson
Alias: Jonah
Race: Human
Team: Citizens
Occupation: Owner of Newspaper, TV Station, Editor
Additional Info: .
  • With his father a decorated war hero who regularly abused his family, J Jonah Jameson learned from an early age, that "no one's a hero every day of the week." This line of thinking would end up following him throughout life.
  • As a journalist, this underlying mistrust served him well as a motivator to get to the bottom of the truth. Rather than accepting things at face value, he became very driven to find the story behind the one being offered at face value. And perhaps, this is what made the Daily Bugle what it is today. Hard hitting. Doesn't pull its punches. A vehicle that can bring about great change if done right.
  • Joan, his wife and anchor to the emotional aspect of interacting with others, ended up dying in a mugging incident while he was overseas covering military conflicts. Grief-stricken, he focused even more on his work, to become chief editor of the Daily Bugle. He would then go on to own the very newspaper he started working for.
  • Jonah has just recently expanded to the Television Industry. After getting a REALLY good deal from a station owner needing to sell quickly. Jonah is now the proud owner of Channel Six. The programming and staff for the most part remains untouched. But Jameson hopes to bring the same hard hitting search for the truth to the night time news program.
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