Captain Jacob Tylor
Kanye West
Played by: Kanye West
Name: Jacob Tylor
Codename: Captain Tylor
Alias: Jacob, Captain
Race: human
Occupation: Captain
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In 1992 or 93. A group of Aliens had detected earth, discovering that it has such diversity in their powers and abilities. Chose to abduct large numbers of Normal humans, Mutants, and Metahumans. And experiment on them. When the Aliens realized they were close to detection, they escaped. They did not stick around and fight the humans off. The Experiments resulted in many of the prisoners being killed. Tylor of all them as a base line human was examined and one of the few that survived.
Eventually the Aliens started raiding another planet when they came upon a Pirate ship. The Star Raiders. And they boarded and began killing the aliens. Tylor was the only one they could save, the other humans, mutants, metahumans were so badly mutilated that the Raiders had to mercy kill them. Because of the pain and suffering they were in. Tylor was nursed back to health and one of the Raiders who was also a telepath found Tylor's mind simple but repairable as she began rebuilding his damaged psyche best she could.
Eventually Tylor would become functional on the ship, learning his way around, learning skills, and the tools needed to survive. In time he became a member of the Star Raiders. Finding out that Yes they were pirates, but pirates who ran contraband, but also targeted some other groups like Other Pirates who would raid planets for slaves, or just kill for fun.
The Star Raiders eventually came upon something called the Crucible in the database of one of the ships they raided. Believing it to be some sort of weapon. The began searching for it. And eventually found it. As they were exploring it, they discovered a way to access the interior of this massive planet sized Facility and discovered that it was infact a Star ship production factory. And with the lock opened, the ship came under attack from a pirate who self styled himself a Warlord, and it trapped Tylor and others on the Crucible.
Poking around trying to find some defenses Tylor inadvertently access the interface protocols.
Interfacing with Tylor the Crucible accessed his memories as it sorted through them displaying various images, from his mind, and when it selected the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A Refit. The Crucible detected the preference and locked on, accessing the details stored in his memory to construct the ship according to those blueprints. In less that twenty minutes the Enterprise was constructed and operational. Equipped with an AI that responded to Tylor, Tylor was transported to his ship and assumed command. Attempting to escape with the Star Raiders who had transported back to their ship.
During the escape, The Star Raider was seemingly destroyed as the Enterprise warped out of the area. The Crucible was also gone. Not destroyed but relocated. Searching for the Star Raiders, Tylor spent three months to find people he had grown to love, With no trace, and a heavy heart. Tylor began looking for Earth. He wanted to go home.
For the next fourteen years. Tylor had many adventures, fighting pirates, to helping planets and deliver emergency supplies and even evacuate aliens from dangerous places. Tylor's adventures were not dull. Finally after helping a Shi'ar vessel in distress, he was provided with the location of Earth. And knowing that he could find home set a course for home. Sadly he was called off course to aid a species that was under attack by a creature, a creature called Galactus. Helping the ships that could escape flee as Galactus consumed the planet. Eventually finding them a world on which they could colonize. A project that took over seven months. Once completed, Tylor went on his way home. During a long stretch of time, Tylor just traveling between stars, took the opportunity to see what he could do with his technology. Thinking of a way to destroy Galactus.
He began Project Infinity, Using the holodeck, Tylor designed something, a weapon system. And after the testing in simulation, It seemed to work, but the idea that one person could wield such power… scared him so badly. He said, What in god's name have I done. and destroyed his work. He learned Idle hands are the Devil's workshop.
But even after this he found his way home, taking a very selective and non exact route. Tylor took nearly a year to get home. To make sure that a being like Galactus would hopefully not follow him, and slow down any alien's who find his trail. And now approaching Sol… he is home.

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