Jade Fox
Doctor, Scientist, Robotics Engineer, SHIELD Special Agent
Zhang Ziyi
Played by: Zhang Ziyi
Name: Adrea Venoa
Codename: Jade Fox
Alias: Major Venoa
Race: Human
Occupation: SHIELD Robotics Engineer
Additional Info: Research Lab Lead/Chief Researcher & Qualified SHIELD Field Team Lead Agent

A pragmatic Robotics Engineer and SHIELD Research Lab Chief with a notable talent for AI and Force-Fields who seeks to protect others in the name of truth and justice - but who protects Adrea?

Adrea's father met her mother while working as a military attache at an Embassy, hitting it off at a holiday party. The rest, as they say, is history. Her father left the service to support her mother, who became a diplomat. As a child, It was not uncommon for Adrea to have the best of everything. A stay-at-home father meant that she was raised with the appropriate amount of discipline and with an education that covered each country her family visited. Introduced to Academia early and raised in the circles of diplomats, dignitaries and their children, Adrea had more interaction with culture, history and education than she did with others her own age growing up.
Raised in a world of debutantes, diplomats and their own off-spring, Adrea eventually followed in her father's footsteps rather than her mothers. Taking up studies in the old-world of Europe, Adrea excelled in her first two years of school before returning to the states and processing an Officer's Oath-of-Enlistment. She studied for her Bachelors at West Point and further pursued her Masters - studying abroad once more as part of an exchange program. Finally taking up her commission, she served as an Officer in the United States Army Corps of Engineers.
Her service in the military was at first filled with labs, more study and education and sterile environments. At Adrea's own insistence, she worked her way into the Acquisitions department where she started studying, approving and delicately sneaking in improvements to the Army's 'upcoming' technology in order to ensure only the best made it to their soldiers. After a few passing brushes with 'Stark Industries', she was hand-picked by parties unknown to oversee a 'rapid-fielding initiative' that would see Stark technology moved into the hands of soldiers already in the field. In this manner she got to see many of the people she helped up close and personal, and meet people and cultures in a much more down to earth way than before in her mother's shadow. It was nevertheless a jarring experience, as learning to work closer with people who were not scientists and engineers colored Adrea's experience and outlook forever.
While she continued to work on her own education, it wasn't long before Adrea needed to make something for herself, to represent her own experience. She continued to pursue doctorates in Physics and Robotics while working for the Army, she got out after less than 10 years in order to pursue her academic pursuits and her own Research. While she did manage to get the grants and professional positions necessary to pursue her research, she became troubled with the lack of the can-do and completion oriented attitude she'd grown used to in the military. She finished her doctorate in Physics, but stopped short of finishing her work in Robotics.
More troubling than the nature of the world of Academia that seemed to pursue technology either at breakneck and even reckless pace in the name of profit, or projects that never really seemed to be finished - was the results of her finished projects. Adrea had developed and patented a set of technologies that allowed her control over kinetic force fields, that once completed, was parted out to a number of separate projects and applications in Industry and the corporate world for which she had never intended for them. Angered, Adrea did manage to secure a patent for the completed and full project through coordination with STARK Industries and SHIELD in order to secure a fully functioning prototype force field for SHIELD - for practical applications in prisons.
On the cusp of her doctorate in Physics, Instead of using her Thesis to graduate - a semi-autonomous robot that also featured her force field technology - Adrea used it to serve her resume to SHIELD and has been using her talents for them since.

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