Janie Wu
Lord of the Loom
Played by: ??
Name: Janie Wu
Codename: n/a
Alias: n/a
Race: mutant
Team: Civillian
Occupation: Avengers' Housemaid
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She was born to Chinese immigrants but when she was 6, she had been taken in by state for her father - a gang member - ended in jail for murder and her mother was killed in a gang-shooting shortly after. As no other close relatives could be found - as if the state even tried - she was put into a group home for the beginning. As a try she was given to foster children several times in her first year in CPS but she proved to "not quite fit" into any of those and so she was returned into one that had already several Chinese children in it.
Life in the group home was not sweet and nice, as the older children where forced by one of the caretakers to commit smaller crimes and so she tried to run away and managed to get out for a whole night at 10, but she was caught when she was trying to steal an apple at a late night grocery store and brought back to the same institution.
Around the same time her Mutant powers first showed while she was out in the streets, trying to run away from a security officer in a clothing store. As he grabbed for her pullover, she just seemed to fall out of the rough wool piece. To the security officer that was because it was too loose on her but Janie knew she would never had fallen out of it like that for it was too tight around her neck just seconds ago. Still she got caught that time just at the door of the same store, but apparently no one had noticed that something was odd. As she investigated the possibilities what might have resulted in that happening, she eventually found out how her power worked. Since then she always tried to hide them as she feared the consequences.
In the following years she tied to flee the bounds on at least 16 occasions but none of the breakouts was longer than 24 hours and she was brought back to the same place all times. The caretakers there also bribed the CPS-office to not actively try to find foster families for their children.
The first time she succeeded to run away and stay there more than a day she was 12, and that time she stayed on the street nearly a whole week. In the end she was arrested and brought back into the shelter after she had tried to rent a motel room with a credit card she had stolen from the clutch of a woman. In the following years she became better in her escapes and ways to survive on the street, but she was always caught and each of her escapes from then on resulted in a short trial at court and an entry in her criminal record.
The foster home mother forced her to take sewing, housekeeping and cooking classes in school, hoping to one day rent her out as a housemaid over the company of her mysogynist son. But Janie endured it, till she was 16. That day, a few weeks ago, the woman that had turned her life into a misery, suffered an 'accident' when trying to dress, strangling herself with her shirt. Police and medical examinor easily declared this an infortune turn of events, and called her closest relative to take care of the four kids residing in her care. But as her misbegotten son came to take over the institution, he fell down the stairs as his right shoelace wrapped itself around a nail that stood out from the stairs and fell to his death. As Police came came the second time that day, they decided to bring all four to the station to decide what to do with them later.
The quiet Janie followed, but as they searched for a new foster home, she insisted upon trying to get emancipated from the CPS. Her chances were slim, but speaking about the horrible foster care, the neglect the CPS had shown towards the misery of her situation and the fact that several officers had been bribed and it only came to light though the infortunate series of 'accidents' eventually toppled the scales in her favor. Even without having a financial income, she was declared emancipated and assigned a trust fund that CPS had to fill for the emotional and physical seglect she had to endure over the years.
With the money she can use monthly from that fund until she turns 21, she was able to rent a small flat not too far away from mutant town… and here is where the real story begins…

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