Nina Dobrev
Played by: Nina Dobrev
Name: Jennifer Zavia
Codename: Agent Zavia
Alias: Jen, Jenny, Zavia
Race: human
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation: S.H.I.E.L.D. Trainee
Additional Info: "You have no idea what you're asking."

Born in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Jennifer Zavia had a pretty normal early childhood. At least that is what things looked like. Before she was born though, things were far from normal. Her parents were heavily into new age stuff. They began meeting up with others on the internet. Things began getting a bit more intense when they met up with a small group of of people who unknown to her parents, were actually a cult who worshiped the Goddess Trivia of Roman Mythology. During one of their rituals they drugged her parents. They were forced to concieve a child. That child would be, the product a love and Magic. After that night, Her parents distanced themselves from the cult and swore to keep their child far from that sort of thing.
Jenny had a decent live. Her mother, Genevieve, Took great care of her, Leaving her job as an accountant and becoming a home maker. Her father was an Architect and made enough to keep his family comfortable. Life was pretty good. Jenny learned the essentials. To walk and talk. She was reading by the time school started. She was a rather outgoing young lady. She enjoyed fashion and became rather popular. During her time in High School, She took latin. THis would become a life changing point for her.
She was learning the words for the elements. She spoke them and… things went alittle crazy. When she spoke the various words she discovered that she had magic. This worried her parents. They explained to her what had happened. They warned her that she should never use this magic. Being a teenager, she ignored her parents and began practicing with her magic. One day, during swimming She decided to use her magic to out swim a rather rude bully. Quietly she spoke, "Aqua!" She began manipulating the water to propel herself faster then the bully. Sadly beating the bully didn't sit well with them. She took hold of Jenny and began punching her. Out of instinct, she manipulated the water, wrapping it around and pulling the bully underwater. Two things happened that day, The bully,having survived, never messed with Jenny anymore, and Jenny refused to use her magic except as a last resort.
Upon Graduating highschool, she went to college in New York City, studying Fashion design. Upon graduating, she got a job at a store on 5th Avenue. She moved into an apartment in Hell's Kitchen. She began learning to self defense after a run in with some thugs. That is how life has been for the past few years.

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