Jimmy Olsen
Jimmy Olsen
Aaron Paul
Played by: Aaron Paul
Name: James Bartholomew Olsen
Codename: n/a
Alias: Jimmy
Race: human
Team: Daily Planet
Occupation: photojournalist
Additional Info: "I'm Jimmy Olsen photojournalist for the Metropolis Daily Planet and this is where I shine."

Jimmy is the son of Jake and Sarah Olsen, born March 5 1990 in Metropolis. His father is considered MIA by the military so he was raised by his mother. His mother was very protective over him. He got into getting up early to collect stories about the city for his scrapbook.

Through school he was on the track n field team for the pole vault. His interests would find him cutting class to attend lectures elsewhere. While just a junior in high school he got a job as an intern with the Daily Planet. Overtime he has worked his way through the ranks but is still humbled and hapy just to do what he loves.

Jimmy Logs
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