The Clown Prince of Crime
Crispin Glover
Played by: Crispin Glover
Name: unknown
Codename: The Joker
Alias: Joker
Race: human
Team: n/a
Occupation: Giver of Smiles
Additional Info: "The safest place to hide is…in sanity." and "If there's one thing I'ved learned, it's to never leave a witness behind. I don't know who this Jehovah guy is, but he is about to owe me a solid…"

No one knows for sure the true origin of Joker. Some say he was the son of a circus performer that went by the name of Jerome. Others said he was a failed comedian that fell on hard times that went by the name of Jack. Another group claimed a rising mob boss by the name of Jack Napier was a cold-hearted and calculating man that somehow changed.

In truth, no one knows the truth. What can be known as true is this:

Any theory that might have given a clue about the Joker leads to graveyards and tombstones. All three popular theories have leads that take someone to dead bodies, regardless of the myth. The circus workers that remembered a young boy named Jerome? Gone. Some were accidental deaths, others old age and a few death have made people wonder, but the evidence around them could tell nothing. The family of the comedian died. So did any neighbors that remembered them directly. Tragedy was the theme for this string of death. The mobsters that remember more than just the basics met bloody demises between rivals and misfortune.

Years ago there was a Red Hood that worked with a gang for Ace Chemicals. When Red Hood fell into the chemicals, some say he willingly jumped and others say Batman knocked him in. He emerged as something different entirely.

What emerged became the Joker, a brazen and unstoppable force in the underworld. Some competition didn't take him seriously at first. A guy that showed up a purple suit, looking like a clown didnt exactly strike fear. His new actions did. First came the "magic trick." A pencil was stabbed into a table then some low-level enforcer was grabbed and had their face shoved down onto the pencil, eye-socket first. The guy fell to the floor and was dead as a doornail. "And its gone," the Joker said with a small laugh.

Some believed him. Others thought he was a cruel joke. A moment later he shook someone's hand. The receiver complained of pain, like a pin-prick. Seconds later the guy was on the floor laughing while he screamed. His face had paled, eyes had gone yellow, wide and bloodshot, a grin was etched onto the man's face and the man was completely unable to move.

"Do I have everyones attention?" Joker asked. Not everyone fled, but there was a fair share of detractors. Those that stayed helped build the reputation of Gotham's newest player in the criminal world. After time some considered him King of the Underworld, the Clown Prince of Crime and a plethora of other names that put him in contention with Rupert Thorne, the Falcone Crime Family and Gotham's other movers and shakers.

All good things had to come to an end. Batman eventually caught up to him. Every time, Joker got sent to Arkham. Every time he managed to escape.

One of his more recent escapes came with assistance to a Dr. Harleen Quinzel. She was one of the Asylums newest doctors. Before anyone knew it, she was helping him out of the Asylum. No one knows why he chose Dr. Quinzel. People thought she was an easy mark, the new girl that didnt know any better. Other colleagues speculated it was the name. Her name was able to metaphor into a joke, like she was made for him and some part of him needed to properly mold the woman into his image. A small group considered he was lonely. Regardless of his origins, Joker always kept his associates at bay. Over time people, no matter how insane, were bound to feel isolated. Harley Quinzel was a cure to that loneliness.

When he made it to the underworld that time, the Clown Prince had a Princess, the King had a Queen, and God help anyone that disrespected the Queen. Joker has killed associates for calling Harley uncouth terms, despite any treatment one by him, it was very apparent that in is mind it was Jokers right to do that and no one else's.

Now, he was twice as deadly because there was a capable accomplice working with him. Joker was able to assemble a crew faster than before. The plans could be darker and more elaborate. A distraction element could have been added.

Ever since the creation of the Joker, he has had it out for Batman. No one knows why exactly. A list of speculation has included: Polar opposites that need one another much like light needs darkness and darkness needs light. Frankenstein's Monster going after his creator for existing in a world that he didn't want nor asked for. Simple elimination, the world would have been easier to work in without a Batman. Because it was fun.

Whatever the reason the last known constant about the Joker is: Gotham has never been the same since he showed up.

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