Sparkle Time!
Katrina Florece
Played by: Katrina Florece
Name: Jubilation Lee
Codename: Jubilee
Alias: Jubi
Race: Mutant
Team: Pending
Occupation: Teacher's Aide
Additional Info: {$additionalInfo}

Born:………….Beverly Hills, California
Weight: …….110 lbs
Birthday: …..7/4/1998 - 17 years old.
Eye Color:…..Green
Hair Color:….Black

Xavier's School: Employed as:
Teacher's Aide

Jubilation Lee was born in Beverly Hills, California, the only child of wealthy Chinese immigrants. She was, in a word, spirited. For years, she worked tirelessly to perfect her exquisite skills in gymnastics, and was thought by many to be destined for the Olympic Games before she was even a teenager. Her slight but muscular form was highly-disciplined, and there was little else on her mind until the day two hitmen took the lives of her mother and father.

That was the day that everything changed.

Jubilation was sent to an orphanage, but her spirit was undaunted, and would not be restrained. She escaped shortly thereafter, and stowed away within a mall in the heart of Beverly Hills. She stole food to survive, and concealed her presence from all but the most quick-witted of security guards. But even those could not corner the girl, if she did not want to be discovered.

Then, unbidden, everything changed again. One night, as she fled through the mall with two security guards in pursuit, the heat of the moment overcame the girl when she was nearly apprehended. As she put up her hands in defense, a cascading shower of pyrotechnic light appeared between her and the two guards, who became blinded and bewildered by the display. Likely as stunned as they, Jubilation had just enough presence of mind to flee.

In the coming days and weeks, Jubilation hid herself away and tested her newfound skills, watching with wonder each flash of colourful light as it exploded with a sound that she called "paf." Gradually, the homeless orphan found acceptance and even admiration in the throngs who frequent the mall by exhibiting her talents in small, staged spectacles of light and colour. Acceptance, admiration - and occasionally, a handful of coins.


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