Kiden Nixon
elisha Cuthbert
Played by: elisha Cuthbert
Name: Kiden Nixon
Codename: None
Alias: Junkie
Race: Mutant
Team: none
Occupation: Homeless
Additional Info: Trouble-Maker, Deviant, Druggie, and all around misfit.

Growing up in New York City with a cop for a dad was great! I even had a mom and a couple of brothers to boot and I loved every one of them! That is until my dear sweet departed ghost of a dad took a bullet to the brain and my family started to fall apart… But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, the bad stuff didn't happen until I was about ten hears old, thats when dad was killed in a drive by shooting. I still remember his partner coming home to tell me, mom, and my brothers all about what happened. It wasn't Moms fault what happened next maybe it wasn't even my fault. But the family started falling apart, fast style.

My teens weren't exactly wholesome either. Most of my time was spent high out of my mind at parties, raves, on the streets. Whatever and wherever I could be that let me forget just how shitty my life was or at least how bad I thought it was. The first time I used my powers though was a surprise to even me. A friend was getting attacked by this banger named Hector and everything just sorta stopped. The world exploded in color and everything seemed to be in and out of focus at the same moment. I walked over and grabbed his arm to stop him and time caught up with me and well. What was just a touch to me was enough force to break his arm.

It was then I first discovered my Stasis ability and how it could affect others. But ol' Hector wasn't going to get much rep on the street getting his arm broken by a little blonde girl junkie. Before I knew it I was staring down the barrel of a gun and as he shot it happened again. Time stopped as I stepped to the side pushing him away even as behind me my teacher took the bullet instead. It was then I realized just how dangerous I was. My choices, my powers, my mistakes. They were getting people hurt all around me and I just ran. I stopped going to school, I stopped seeing my family. I retreated from the world because it was the only option I could think of.

I tried to explain it to my teacher later, tried to apologize and tell her I was a mutant, what had happened. But she didn't believe me, she thought I was just joking. So from there on our I lived as a mutant in exile. It was day to day really, finding food here, making a few friends. It wasn't until I ran into two other mutants one who had been hooking because she didn't know what else to do and another that had been running away from an Anti-mutant mob. We learned pretty quick this city didn't want any of us. Outcasts without a home and all that. Just a bunch of runaways.

We got through our share of scraps and in the end I even ran into a psychic mutant. A young kid who knew the man that killed my father all those years ago, and his big brother was a enforcer for the killer turned Pimp. We confronted him, a fight broke out and… Well its safe to say I got revenge. It wasn't me that killed him, some might even say it was fate. But when my fathers killer laid dead on the ground somehow I knew it was time to move on. Time to leave if only for a while.

From there I just wandered. I left my friends behind and walked through the No-Time. The Kaleidoscope of color that the world became was my home, without hunger, without tiring. I walked for what seemed like an endless amount of time even across oceans as my feet stepped against the waters surface as solid as anything else when you're moving at the kind of speeds I was. But to me it was just a leisurely stroll through infinity. It wasn't until now that I kinda woke up, I've grown so used to living inside stasis but I realized that I need to face the world again. Its easy to 'get over' something when you have all the time in the world.. I don't know whats next for me, but maybe.. Maybe I'll finally stop running.

Kiden Nixon Logs
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