Lady Deathstrike
Cyborg Assasin
Kelly Hu
Played by: Kelly Hu
Name: Yuriko Oyama
Codename: Lady Deathstrike
Alias: Yuriko
Race: Cyborg
Team: None
Occupation: Mercenary
Additional Info: Donald Pierce made her a cyborg, her need for revenge made her a monster.

Yuriko Oyama was born in Osaka, Japan, her father was Kenji Oyama, or Lord Dark Wind as most people knew him as, a Japanese crime lord and criminal scientist who created the process by which adamantium can be bonded to bone. Kenji was a former kamikaze pilot during World War II. His face was horribly scarred in a failed suicide attack on an American battleship. Feeling shamed by his failure decades earlier, he scarred the faces of Yuriko, and her two brothers in a ritual design. Her two brothers would later die while in the service of their father.

Yuriko received extensive training to become an enforcer and an assasin in her fathers crime syndicate, as well as advanced equipment to make her even better at the job. However, while she was very effective and a fast learner, she was also very unstable, quite possibly as a result of the brutal way in which her father had raised her, and eventually in an attempt to free her lover Kiro, from the influence of her father, she killed Lord Dark Wind, this however did not turn out quite the way she had expected as the devoted Kiro chose suicide to honor his master.

Distraught, Yuriko belatedly embraced her father's ideals and sought to track down whoever dishonored him and restor Japan's honor. She adopted a customed identity, as a samurai warrior, Lady Deathstrike. Using an adamantium tracking device, she intended to hunt down whoever had betrayed her father and retrieve the adamantium from their bones for study. The device instead led her to Wolverine, whose skeleton had also been bonded with adamantium. Deathstrike sought to kill him to right the wrong of the theft of her father's theories, however she was defeated by Wolverine. Realizing that she would need to become more powerful to be able to have a chance in defeating Wolverine, she went to the Mojoverse and sought Spiral's "body shoppe" where she received extensive cybernetic enhancements including adamantium bones and talons, during this process Spiral also repaired the scarring from her face. As a cyborg, she becaome a professional criminal and has since been allied to many notorious villains and even occasionally fighting alongside heroes against common enemies.

She has clashed with Wolverine a few more times since then, now quite evenly matched, though neither one has managed to get a desicive victory and something or the other has always interrupted them. Over time she has developed a respect towards Logan, seeing him as a honorable warrior who follows a code similar to her own and as such has more or less resigned her quest to kill Logan and even allied with him on rare occasion. She still remains an international mercenary and assasin though, and it remains to be seen who she will end up working for next.

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