Lady Shiva
Martial Arts Master
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Played by: No bah dy
Name: Sandra Wu-San
Codename: Lady Shiva
Alias: Sandra
Race: Human
Team: League of Assasins
Occupation: Teacher, Assasin
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The early life of Sanda Wu San is not overly well known, and many versions
of the story exist, some say she grew up as a traveling companion to
famous martial artists Ben Turner and Richard Dragon, others that she grew
up in a shanty town in an unspecified country somewhere in Asia, raised to
be a warrior and protector of the village by an enigmatic sensei, while
yet others claim that she grew up in Detroit.

The only thing that all different versions agree on was that she had a
sister named Carolyn, and the two were very close and trained together all
the time to become great martial artists, and people would travel to watch
them spar together.

This all changed when one of those spars was seen by the assasin David
Cain, who saw how much Sandra was holding back in the fights out of love
for her sister. Cain then murdered Carolyn brutally and left her body for
Sandra to discover, provoking her to unleaashing her true potential when
the enraged Sandra sought him out to exact her revenge. However Cain was
not alone, as he was a member of the League of Assasins, and together with
his allies, they defeated Sandra, however not before she had realized just
how much she had been holding back due to her sister, and forgave Cain as
a result. Cain allowed her to live if he would bear her a child, and
Sandra agreed, she had a daughter, Cassandra Cain, and gave her up to

Sandra left mere minutes after Cassandra was born, deciding to explore her
true potential, which is when she embraced the identity of Lady Shiva,
creator and destroyer. She hired herself out as a mercenary in order to
finance her activities and training. While doing right had been a factor
in her life previously, it was becoming less and less of a consideration
as she followed the path she set for herself, eventually becoming more and
more addicted to combat and life-or-death situations. Her considerable
skills allowed her to ask a high price for her services and there were
plenty of takers.

This eventually led her to cross paths with the League of Assasins again,
as well as its leader, Ra's al Ghul. Shive joined the league as both an
assasin and trainer to its warriors. Though Shiva's primary concern is the
perfection of her skills, and often works on her own, she has kept close
ties with the League ever since, during this time having trained many
members of the Bat family as well, including Batman himself.

While she still seeks challenges and opportunities to improve her skills,
Sandra has somewhat settled in Gotham in recent years, having opened a
dojo there, where she sometimes teaches herself, though for most parts
leaves the training of the regular students to a group of trainers that
she did teach, each of which is a capable fighter, though not anywhere
near her own level. She does pay attention to the training going on in the
dojo much more than actually taking part in it directly though, always on
the look for potential prodigies that she could train as her next personal

While not really officially member of the bat-family, she has lately been
also acting as sort of a vigilante and anti-hero in Gotham, although most
criminals would probably prefer to run to Batman over her, as she does not
share Batman's disdain for lethal force (although whether she would use
lethal force or not would largely depend on her whim). She is however also
not nearly as actively seeking out crimes to stop, but if she happens to
run into some by accident (which is not as rare in Gotham as one might
think) she likely would, more for the chance to fight than any true sense
of justice.

Sandra Logs
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