Lady Sif
Crown Princess of Vanaheim
Jamie Alexander
Played by: Jamie Alexander
Name: Sif Geirrdotter
Codename: Lady Sif
Alias: Sif
Race: Asgardian
Team: Asgardians
Occupation: Goddess of War
Additional Info: "I am the Lady Sif, born a Goddess and forged a Warrior. I was baptized in the tears of mine enemies and their children's children fear my name. I am rock and wheat and fire and ash and in My Lord Thor, I am promised to the sky."

Born the crown Princess of Vanaheim Sif knew from a young age that she wanted to learn to fight. To be a Warrior like her father. Much to her mother's displeasure who was a well bred Lady who was known for her skill in the various arts. Granted, she knew that one day she would need to rule the Realm, or wed to secure an alliance or any other number of duties that fell to her shoulders because of her bloodline. Until then, however… Her drive and determination to become a Warrior, among other things, is what finally had her parents caving and allowing her to train. It was a hope that it was only a phase that she'd eventually outgrow. In order to speed it along, they sent her to Asgard with a nanny to be raised and to train with Einhenjar.

As she grew, Sif focused her attention of learning all she could with all the various weapons and the art of War while also dealing with her mother's lesson on being a proper Lady. Despite this, she became known as the Fair Sif, her natural grace and beauty earning her the name even if she spent most of her days with weapons and muddy. Of course, the Princess trying to be a warrior was not something that other girls looked kindly on and young males took seriously. The mocking and sneers and off handed comments only drove Sif to push herself harder. Eventually, she joined the Valkyrie and spent several hundred years with them.

When she returned, she was ready for battle. It was after her first, when she stood at the side of Asgard's Prince, that she would be given the place, honor and title of Goddess of War. Still relatively young, she and her two best friends, who happened to be the very Princes she was raised with, would often find themselves in a great deal of trouble. It never stopped them however.

Years would pass and Sif would prove she was more than worthy of her place as a Warrior and a Lady. She would also find herself drifting further from one of her dearest friends, the rift having started when he cut off her hair in a cruel joke out of jealousy and the wig he was forced, to have made turned black. The plan backfired and instead of dulling her beauty, it only increased it and gave her an exotic look due to that lack of hair color being present among the Aesir.

Throughout time, Sif and the Warriors Three and her dearest friends would find themselves in a bit of trouble due to their adventures… Trips to Midgard or the other Realms… Even today, the trips back and forth continue.

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