Sideshow Freak
Played by: ??
Name: unknown
Codename: Monkey Girl
Alias: Lal
Race: Mutant
Team: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Additional Info: NA

Not much is known about Lal's background. She isn't the type to tell stories unless she can embellish them in some fantastic way, and her origins just aren't all that great to talk about. She was born to a young couple in their small, comfy home near the woods of New Zealand using a Midwife. The pregnancy had been long and hard, but the young woman didn't want to deal with all the needles and drugs and bright lights and chemicals, just wanted to bring her child into the world in her own home.

The midwife was an older woman, experienced in her duties. As Lal's mother went into labor, she stayed by her side, comforting her and helping her along until finally it was time. The midwife was a bit shocked at what she saw as she awaited the baby's arrival…a light coat of fur? It couldn't be, she must just have a lot of hair…Well when the rest of the baby was born it was clear that this child was…different. A long tail, the light fur…elongated face. She hadn't given birth to a baby, this was some sort of animalistic freak. Wrapping the towel around the baby to muffle any sound, the midwife went to towel her off, coming back to tell Lal's mother that the baby had been stillborn. That was rude enough, but what made it worse is that the old woman left with Lal, intending to get rid of her in the woods behind their house. Just as she was about to ditch the baby, she had a change of heart and decided to take her back to her home in the hills, where nobody would see this unusual child.

There she was raised by the old woman, though she was treated more as a pet than a child. Lal's physical development was faster than that of a normal baby. She could walk and even climb at an early age.
The old woman eventually passed away, leaving the now 12 year old Lal to the mercy of her children as they came to collect her belongings. They thought Lal was just an exotic pet.

While the old woman wasn't very motherly to her, she did teach her as if she were homeschooled, and Lal was a pretty bright girl. The woman's sons tried to sell her off as an exotic pet, where she came into the possession of Rick Terrenberry, the proprietor of Costumore Entertainment, one of the larger companies that run fairs, circuses, petting zoos and the like. They dabbled in the obscure and the obscene such as freakshows and funhouses. Lal was kept as "Monkey Girl", and forced to travel across the country with the carnival workers where she remains today.

Lal Logs
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