Doctor Lissandra Vorhes
Agent Vorhes
Dina Meyer
Played by: Dina Meyer
Name: Doctor Lissandra Vorhes
Codename: Umbra
Alias: N/A
Race: metahuman/cyborg
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation: Inventor, SHIELD Scientist
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SHIELD Intelligence Dossier
Required Security Level: 8
Name: Doctor Lissandra Vorhes
Birthdate: December 23, 1991
City of Origin: San Francisco, CA
Doctor Vorhes came to our attention after events which occurred in June of 2013 at a symposium held in concert with the CalTech hooding ceremony in which Doctor Vorhes received her fifth doctorate (nanoscale medical implantation) and was the keynote speaker (subject: implementation of picoscale engineering as a replacement of nitrogen-based fertilization).
The symposium came under attack by two forces, neither of which has been identified by SHIELD inteligence assets. Both forces displayed extremely advanced technology and one of the factions displayed their intention as the assassination of Doctor Vorhes. One attacker was successful in injuring her, resulting in severe spinal mutilation and partial paralysis. When that attacker was neutralized by a member of the other faction using a focused energy weapon, the backspill also struck Doctor Vorhes and is suspected to have triggered dormant abilities.
(file note: The attacking faction was neutralized by those defending Doctor Vorhes. After ascertaining that she was not killed the surviving defenders removed themselves and the bodies of the attackers. No sign of their destination has been found, although there were scraps of technology left behind that were recovered and sent to The Hub for analysis.)
Doctor Vorhes was comatose for three weeks. Medical records recently attained show that EEG readings were unable to be taken because the machine burned out every time electrodes were attached.
After her release from the hospital, Doctor Vorhes briefly returned to her research position at CalTech before using funds from her patents to fund a tech firm, Umbra Labs. At present, no information is available on this firm beyond standard documents and new patent filings for extremely advanced tech components. The firm's two known locations have highly effective security and little to no employee movement.
It is the strong recommendation of Director Fury that the disposition of these facilities, the tech being produced there, and of Doctor Vorhes be determined at the earliest opportunity, specifically in relation to any possible after-effects of the attack.

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