The God of Mischief
Tom Hiddleston
Played by: Tom Hiddleston
Name: Loki Odinson
Codename: The God of Mischief
Alias: Loki
Race: Asgardian
Team: Asgardians
Occupation: NA
Additional Info: NA


Loki is the adopted son of Odin Borson the Allfather and Frigga, taken from the Jotunheim temple in the year 965 AD after a long bloody war between the Frost Giants and the Aesir. From the very beginning, Loki and their true son Thor were like night and day. Thor was always excited by the thrill of battle and always wanting to be stronger, while Loki was content in studying his books and scrolls, learning magic rather than how to swing a sword. The two brothers always had a rivalry, at first friendly, but as they grew older it became a bit more fierce. Loki was jealous of Thor, even though he loved his brother. Love and Hate are close relatives rather than opposites, and one cannot truly hate without passion. Loki did not know he was adopted, and Odin and Frigga preferred to keep it that way. Knowing that one's parents left them in a temple to die is bad enough, but the knowledge that he is the product of what he had been raised to fear and know as the enemy would be damaging to Loki's delicate psyche.

Thor had been named the heir to Odin's throne, and Loki's jealously continued to grow into contempt and spite. He wanted to be seen as equal to Thor, not just the scrawny younger brother who preferred his books to brawn. He wanted to prove himself, to become more powerful and show them that he is worthy. Loki's mischeivous schemes were becoming more and more dangerous as time went on, and it was just a matter of time before he defied his father's demand that he not leave the plane of Asgard to venture to other realms, and he did this by finding a hidden passage to Midgard, slipping past the sight of Heimdall and the Allfather, to forge his own legacy. What that legacy would be, he did not know, but it would be /his/ and noone else's.

One day, Loki had decided to go out and try and make a name for himself. Everything changed one day when Loki happened upon a scroll during an adventure that took them through an old abandoned library. Loki swiped the scroll and took it back to Asgard, where he stashed his collection.

Far in the future, Loki's adult self happened upon the same scroll, having long forgotten that he had stashed it away. The two of them read the words aloud at the same time, though years apart. Something strange began to happen, and the Adult Loki began to disappear from his reality and his younger self began to disappear from his. Briefly, they met in the middle, the younger Loki looking up at his older self and just as he started to ask so many questions, they both passed each other and the young Loki was placed in the future and the Adult Loki was placed in the past. In order to return to their correct places, they would have to repeat the same odd set of circumstances exactly. The odds of that happening are highly unlikely, but with Loki, anything is possible.

Loki Logs

2017-10-28 Good Cheap Fast Pick One
2017-04-29 Back to the Hungry Catipillar
2017-03-25 Wolves Meet
2017-03-18 Pretty Dang Weird
2017-02-24 Unexpected Visitors and Visions
2017-02-23 Loki's Great Escape?
2017-02-19 An Audience with the Prince
2017-02-04 As The Asgardian World Falls Down II
2017-02-04 As The Asgardian World Falls Down I
2016-04-27 Odins Gift
2016-04-21 Recovery Room
2016-01-21 Phantasm Explanation
2015-12-12 The Battle Royal
2015-10-08 Museum Mayham
2015-09-28 For Asgard!
2015-09-27 Eir's Rescue-Pt.2
2015-09-27 Eir's Rescue-Pt.1
2015-07-31 On the Road Home
2015-07-27 Spider-Voltron!
2015-04-10 Interview from a Limo
2015-03-29 Nefja Falling
2015-03-10 Party At Casa de Tony Again
2015-03-05 Awkward Run-ins
2015-02-27 A Nightmare for Leo
2015-01-27 Park Avenue Halloween Style
2015-01-13 Spider in the Garment
2015-01-04 Sleepy Phantasms and Cultural Dishes
2014-12-19 Back Home
2014-11-16 Something's Happening at the Zoo
2014-10-30 Upper East Side Freak Show
2014-10-27 To The Rescue
2014-09-04 Strange and the Giant Peach (Pit)
2014-08-21 Mike no happy with injured Loki
2014-08-20 The Death of Balder
2014-08-13 Loki's awake (huzzah!)
2014-08-12 Loki on a Rampage
2014-08-07 Angry Birds and Drunken Warnings
2014-07-28 Loki Falls Off Of A Building
2014-07-25 Early Morning Rescue
2014-07-20 Do Gods Brofist?
2014-07-19 Pizza Prank
2014-07-15 Razzi, Music, and Ragnarok
2014-07-08 Lets call it a night at the Nightshade
2014-07-07 Temporary Triplets
2014-07-04 Off to a Rocky Start
2014-06-22 Hitting the Streets for Answers
2014-06-18 Healing Up
2014-06-17 Time for a little exorcise
2014-06-17 Descent - Part II
2014-06-17 Descent - Part I

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