Lucius Primus
Kevin McKidd
Played by: Kevin McKidd
Name: Lucius Primus
Codename: The Director / Zeitgeist
Alias: Director
Race: Mutant
Team: The Greater Good
Occupation: Politician / Teacher / Homeless Shelter Director
Additional Info: None

Born in Rome. He grew up as a blacksmith. He 'died' for the first time during the burning of Rome. He participiated in Roman society and watch it's decline. He acted as perhaps one of the first 'superheroes' over the time to protect the people from the Roman boot. He found his voice and even participated in government for a time before moving on when it felt even that couldn't control the empire. He moved to fight external wars for the survival of the denizens of Rome as a soldier. He ventured throughout the empire, learning other cultures. He would settle for a while, watch his friends die, and then move on. He never really was the guy who stood out in a crowd though, he stayed back in the limelight too. Eventually Europe interacted with the Orient and he ventured there. He discovered a love for their traditions and styling. He fought in many wars there as well for 'the people' and not the powers that wanted to control them. He wandered his way across the globe for the rest of the 'Dark Ages' in Europe. He eventually headed back when the Black Death reared it's ugly head. He learned about medicine so he could help. He fought the church when it overstepped it's authority (though he let them do a lot of things to as well , as the people were quite religious at the time and felt their collective weight). Technology developed and so did his knowledge of it, he became fascinated, he ended up in Italy, drawn to the ideas of that place. He became a decent inventor in his own right (before copyrights he probably was ripping off a few dozen craftsman. Lawyers don't hurt me). He lived the life that people dreamed of even though he was never quite wealthy, he found ways to survive as an artist or as a fortune teller, or even a lawyer. The birth of the reformation shot even more life into him, europe was on the birth pains of finally shedding a lot of chains they had forged. Democracy was beginning to flourish in some sense. The discovery of America brought dreams to the people of Europe and his next stop in his journey. This is a place where the real internal conflict in him took place. The native people of the land began to suffer under the weight of the Europeans. He was stuck between two worlds acting against either was damaging part of him. For this moment, he decided to find a place to be alone. He became an explorer, staying away from any large group of people. He kept moving on until European spread across the Americas brought his attention. The senses of the native population was beyond powerful, he had to fight. He fought the Europeans, being a European as well, he had to temper his fight. He supported the native population as well as he could. Even being hung for it. He was with the underdog even in the Mexican conflict with the United States. The Civil War was a simple decision in retrospect, the vast sums of slaves that would taste freedom overwhelmed anything that the North dwelt on in their hearts. He fought World War I and World War II, he might have even appealed to have the United States join the warhis words used by others. After these wars, he seeked peacefulness after all that darkness. The heroes appearance during these wars brighten his heart along with others. He settled back in America. He watched the heroes rise, he helped them, he hoped for them, like the others. He was nervous sometimes if they would turn against the common-folk with their self-righteous but they didn't. He never was a major hero, more like a ghost, or an angel, that would show up when people needed him. He helped rebuild neighborhoods as that contractor who was always the lowest bidder, or as that guy on the street corner who influenced people in choosing the right choice. He nudged humanity in ways he felt they could take at the time. He hopes that now he can be the voice of the people in this time of change.

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