Brooklyn Decker
Played by: Brooklyn Decker
Name: Jayce Lonecroft
Codename: Lyric
Alias: Songstress
Race: Human
Team: Unaffiliated
Occupation: Actress, Musician, Philanthropist
Additional Info: "The music and voices are all around us … Everything is broken up, and dances."
~Jim Morrison, "The Ghost Song"

Jayce grew up a child prodigy in music. There was very little she couldn't make an instrument do when she sets her mind to it. She was the subject of numerous studies, as a child, into the mind of a musical prodigy. But what left those studies inconclusive was her inability to adequately explain how she could pick up an instrument, look over the keys, and instantly play a Beethoven concerto. Lacking the key to that explanation, she was labeled a likely mutant, and kept under wraps for the remainder of her school and college career.

And with that realization, came change. The parents who had always loved and supported Jayce with all the life that a middle-class income could afford her, suddenly began to withdraw their support of her musical abilities, instead pushing her academics and grades. It was during that time that Physics 101 began to answer many of the questions that had always plagued Jayce about latent powers and abilities that had only begun to surface. And the more she learned, the more she was able to control her power and extend it to objects which were not intended to be musical instruments at all.

She had experienced, from time to time, flashes of sound that she could not explain. In time, she found that she could manipulate these flashes - extend them. Move them. Change the pitch and volume. And as she explored her powers, she found that she could do greater things than she ever imagined. Her most notable achievement, albeit unknown to any but her, is the creation of what the world has begun to call "sounds from the sky" - A phenomenon which has little to no viable explanation, save for the US Government once again telling the people whatever they need to hear in order to keep them from thinking too much. It has been documented multitudes of times, in articles like this…

And then one day, in the midst of her grad school finals, national violin competition, and her graduate thesis, the practice room quadrant of the college music department exploded. Those nearby said it didn't sound like an explosion. Nothing like that, at all. The sound was more akin to the random orchestral noise before a concert, the moment that the baton is lifted, and they all come into tune on one note. One very, very powerful note.

She finished her degree by correspondence. Dropped out of national competition. And she spent her graduation day on a beach in South Florida. But now, she's looking for answers herself…

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