Sir Ian McKellen
Played by: Sir Ian McKellen
Name: Erik Lehnsherr
Codename: Magneto
Alias: Erik, Magneto, Magnus
Race: Mutant
Team: Brotherhood of Mutants
Occupation: Leader
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Eric Lehnsherr was born to two working class Jewish parents in Frankfurt, Germany. Perhaps due to poverty, Erik was the only child born to the humble owners of a small market. With the outbreak of World War II, The Lehnsherr family was one of those interned. As would appear to be destiny, Erik's parents were carted off, while Erik was separated. Out of fear, hate, and anger, deep within some piece of himself, Erik reached out and gripped the Gates that separated the parents from their child. Those doomed from those awaiting execution. With his whole being he gripped..—shouting, pulling, tugging. Within himself he felt the presence of the metal bars, felt their reflection and the energy within them. Without, he created, in his minds eye, a pair of hooks, that settled into the bars and pulled, twisting them as he would do to their captors.

A sharp pain sprung up behind him, and he felt the darkness coming. He let it take him. He never saw his parents or brother again. His parents bodies were later discovered in a mass grave, and identified. It was the last time he held family as a value.

After his capture, a series of tests and experiments were run on him by the deranged scientists of the Nazi regime. Eventually, when the War was won by the Allies, Erik was freed. He, however, had learned much from his time in captivity. The way a war is won, and lost. The effect of imprisonment on morale. The names of the men he would kill. What started as a mission of murder and vengeance, ultimately became a calling. Who better than a man who can control a Force of Nature, to prevent this type of atrocity from occurring again? Who more qualified than one who had already suffered, and one who knew, already, that the next war would be about dominance? Dominance by the now burgeoning race of superiors to the humans.

Magneto Logs
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