Mary Crowley
Bryce Dallas Howard
Played by: Bryce Dallas Howard
Name: Mary Crowley
Codename: None Yet
Alias: Mary
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants
Occupation: Student
Additional Info: None Yet

A genuine southern girl, born and raised in Atlanta, Mary Crowley knew that she was special from birth, though not in a good way, as she was born blind, and had to learn to manage without the ability to see, which probably was actually much easier than for someone who loses their sight later in life, she learned from the start to rely mainly on her sense of hearing, and touch, which as a result developed to be more sensitive than on most people. Apart from having to deal with her disability though, her early life was fairly unremarkable. Born younger of the two children for Timothy and Helen Crowley, an upper middle class couple, her father holding a manager level position in a construction company, and her mother teaches psychology at an university. However it is her brother, Michael, six years older than she is, who was the one she was closest with during her childhood and early teens, always there to stand up for her against any bullies who would try to pick on her, and helping her whenever she needed it.

Due to her inability to see, she naturally gravitated towards interests that were not overly reliant on sight, especially music became her passion, at first just listening to it, eventually she also wanted to learn to play an instrument, the one she chose was the acoustic guitar. She obviously could not really follow printed notes overly much, but her keen hearing allowed her to pick up tones from listening to them and learning to play them that way, though she did have to take actual lessons to learn to sing properly. She mostly took liking to music with interesting lyrics, especially ones that tell stories, country music and various ballads in particular. She still can just listen to music for hours on end too though.

Quite possibly the saddest moment in her life until that point was when she was twelve, and her brother moved away from home, pursuing a career in the military. Although he did still call regularly and they would have long conversations over phone, she missed him very much, as her parents were most of the time very busy with their jobs, and did not have that much time to spend with her, meaning she was alone quite a lot, as while she did have some friends, there were many who considered the blind girl too weird, or just simply a burden to drag along in their various activities.

It was another few years after this when her telepathic abilities started awakening, it took her some time to even realize the change herself, how she was suddenly able to 'hear' people much better than before, not to mention pinpoint their locations, at first she just thought she had gotten better at navigating around people, as she didn't realize she was actually hearing their thoughts in addition to words, though eventually people started to notice that something was not quite normal, as the girl, previously seen as clumsy and slow to notice people, started being extremely good in not only avoiding running into people, but even responding to them before they had even had time to speak. As the rumors about just how 'weird' she was started to spread, she was quietly expelled from the school that had to keep up its reputation, and mutants weren't appropriate for that. Her parents were not really overly happy either about their daughter being a mutant, they didn't really tell it to her directly, but they did not need to, as she could hear it from their thoughts, which hurt her quite a bit, as she was still the same girl she had always been!

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