Robert Rist
Played by: Robert Rist
Name: Michelangelo
Codename: Partier
Alias: Mikey
Race: Turtle
Team: TMHT
Occupation: Party Dude
Additional Info: "COWABUNGA!"

Michelangelo once lived happily with his brothers in a pet shop. Everything was blissful! One day they were all purchased, and while being carried along the street there was an accident. The siblings were coated in a strange, glowing ooze. They were discovered by a similarly mutated rat, who took them all deeper into the sewer, to his lair. They went through their transformation there, and Mikey grew and changed. He was trained by his mentor, who was also like a father to him, and he took well to Ninjitsu. However, he also longed for the surface world. He stole books and comics and magazines, and watched movies and television shows on rigged sets. He absorbed pop culture knowledge, and it melded with his rambunctious personality to make the orange-masked powerhouse that exists today. After going to the surface world for the first time and defeating a clan of Ninja, Mikey has become even MORE obsessed with going out there. He wants to be a hero…and a -known- hero at that…which is troublesome.

Michelangelo Logs
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