Played by: none
Name: Nefja
Codename: Nefja
Alias: Nefja
Race: Asgardian
Team: Asgardians
Occupation: their job
Additional Info: n/a

Nefja was born quite long ago in earthly time, but for an asgardian, time is something different. Her childhood was not too different from other asgardians, stretched out beyond eartly time, but also including the usual weapon training, hunting and feasting. Unlike the other asgardians of her age, she soon preferred to nurse the poor animals instead of hunting them, and as she turned 20 or 21 earthen years, she showed her first abilities in the magic crafts.

Sometime around then, when she came into tutoring in the craft, she did lay eye at Prince Loki for the first time, as he was studying in the library alone. Months she just watched, not daring to say a word to him, but the day she gathered enough courage to try to speak to him, she found his usual study place empty. It would be years untill she saw him again, but ever since then she had a soft spot in her heart for him.

Taking her training from several of the lower ranked sorcerers, she learned for the next decade or so, admiring the lonesome Asgardian from afar. But with 50, right after concluding her first tests in front of an audience, she again mustered up enough courage to try to speak to him, actually managing an awkward little conversation.

It took her more than another decade before she managed to talk to him without it turning awkward silence, and even then it was mostly because how she amused him with her dabbling in illusions. Maybe they started to form something not too different from friendship in that time, but it's more complicated than that.

Now she is twice the age of any human on earth, but to asgardian society she is still barely a youngling, someone who might become trustworthy in a centuary or more. But at the same time, the by Asguardian measurements young woman is determined to try her best at trying to impress them - and Loki.

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