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The New Mutants is a sub-faction of Xavier's School, composed almost entirely of students and those under the age of eighteen. Some extenuating circumstances can factor in determining its roster, but these are rare exceptions.

The New Mutants are student leaders. To be eligible for this position, the individual must demonstrate exceptional responsibility and maturity in their interaction with others, faculty or otherwise. They must display an understanding and adherence to the established rules, and subordination to faculty and staff. Academically, New Mutants must maintain a B-grade minimum in classes. Failure to meet this criteria will eliminate the individual from consideration.

New Mutants are to be a positive example to the student body. They are therefore under heightened scrutiny, and are expected to maintain all of the above-mentioned standards. Failure to hold a B-grade minimum may result in a "grace period" to restore the average, at the discretion of the program advisor. Failure to raise grades in an appropriate time period determined by the advisor will result in New Mutant status termination.

New Mutants are given moderate authority over their student peers in appropriate situations, so as to maintain order in the absence of faculty or other adults. Such situations may include but are not limited to outings, crises, or upon discovering a violation of the rules in progress. Abuse of these authorities is grounds for review of membership and possible removal from the program.

Admission into the New Mutants program is first determined by the program advisor. The advisor may elect at his or her discretion, following the criteria listed above, or an individual may be suggested to him or her. If the advisor feels that the candidate would make a good addition, it is brought to discussion with the current New Mutant roster. Should they agree by majority vote, the candidate will be given the invitation to join the program. Should the majority vote against, they will no longer be eligible for entry until it's called to vote again following a minimum of one week.

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