Shirley Manson
Played by: Shirley Manson
Name: Dominique DeLeon
Codename: Nightfire
Alias: Dominique and Dom.
Race: Dominique DeLeon
Team: Team Lazy
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
Additional Info: Let's not waste anymore of each other's time… we both know how this ends.

Dominique Margaux DeLeon was born and raised in Montreal by a French-Canadian mother and American expatriate father. Though her family was of only modest means, she enjoyed an upbringing mostly devoid of worry. From an early age, she displayed a high mental acuity and was encouraged to excel. As a result of being several years ahead of her peer group, she did not socialize properly despite her parents continued urging and attempts to help her integrate.

Once she arrived the at the campus of McGill University, Dominique blazed through her courses, often petitioning to be given a course's final exam on the spot so as to bypass it entirely, though not all faculty were accommodating. She was able to complete her bachelor's in record time and shortly attained her master's in organic chemistry thereafter. Though she had contemplated attempting a doctorate, an offer from a large conglomerate, which included her own laboratory, was too much to pass up.

While working at the chemical laboratory owned and operated by one of the larger oil conglomerates, Dominique's powers manifested due to an unfortunate tragedy when part of the building erupted and was almost entirely leveled. Though the cause of the incident is officially listed as "equipment malfunction", there are many who strongly suspect corporate espionage.

Regardless of the actual cause, Dominique was performing tests with a variety of toxic chemicals and petroleum byproducts when the explosion caused several beakers and ampules to shatter and mix into a volatile cocktail. Before she could react, the toxic mix ignited when it met with the flames of the Bunsen burner and exploded.

Somehow, with the vast array of chemicals and the exploding glassware that cut into her flesh, a unique, catalytic mixture entered her bloodstream and began changing her. When the rescue crews pulled the smoldering debris off of her body, they found that despite a fair portion of her clothing having been burned off, she was mostly unharmed, save for several cuts, bruises, and light fractures. Her survival was considered a miracle.

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