Dave Franco
Played by: Dave Franco
Name: Richard John Grayson
Codename: Nightwing
Alias: dick, grayson, nightwing, and Dick_Grayson
Race: human
Team: Titans
Occupation: College Student/Part Time Waiter
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Mary and John Grayson were two of the most talented acrobats of their day. They had both been skilled enough to, at a young age, be selected for the illustrious and world-famous company of Haly's Circus. There, they fell in love, married and formed a death-defying duo.

Circus acrobat meets circus acrobat. They get married. They have a kid. Tale as old as time.
Richard John Grayson was raised around the circus and was tumbling and walking the high wire since almost before he could walk. His parents never pushed him into the high flying life, but it nevertheless called to him. He was like a duck to water, and he was a part of the act since his youth. His first memories involve handstands and tumble-rolls through the air into his father's waiting arms.
There are photos of that time. A child dressed in yellow and green with a bright, red vest. His mother had called him her little robin.
The Flying Graysons (as they had come to be known) were performing in Gotham City. The owner, C.C. Haly, had gotten himself into some hot water by refusing to pay protection money to a local gangster Tony Zucco. Zucco got his own back by sabotaging the trapeze rig, causing Dick's mother and father to plummet to their deaths as they performed the centrepiece of their act.
A lot of things happened in the months that ensued. Dick left the circus, the memories were painful and he couldn't much stand the pity everyone lumped on him. He tried to put on an act alone, but he knew that the audiences were just flocking to see the poor orphan boy whose parents had been murdered.
He wound up back in Gotham, half-intent on striking out on his own before he got wrapped up in the system and became a resident of an orphanage. It was here, as a youth, that he met Batman and the masked vigilante convinced him there was a way to vent the frustration and anger he felt at the world and do some good in the process.
Almost a decade has passed since those fateful first nights. Dick has recently given up the mantle of Robin, part in an effort to pass it on to those who need the Bat's tutelage more and part as a way to break out of the looming shadow that always seems to hang over him. Instead, he has chosen to become Nightwing.

Dick Logs
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