Justin Long
Played by: Justin Long
Name: Todd Rice
Codename: Obsidian
Alias: Todd
Race: Mutant
Team: None
Occupation: Student
Additional Info: N/A

Todd Rice never knew who his parents were; he was given up for adoption shortly after birth. In truth, he was the son of the Green Lantern Alan Scott and a woman named Rhosyn "Rose" Forrest. Rose suffered from mutiple personalities, the other being a destructive, selfish woman that called herself "Thorn". Her "Thorn" personality seemed to disappear after psychiatric treatment on Paradise Island, so she felt free to pursue Alan Scott, who she had fallen in love with.

But her Thorn personality resurfaced and caused a fire that burned down the cabin the two had been staying in for their honeymoon. She later gave birth to twins; fearing that Thorn would return and hurt the children, she split them up and placed them in different orphanages. Todd was adopted by James and Shirley Rice. They had been trying to have children for some time, but had been unsuccessful, so they decided to turn to adoption.

As it so turned out, unfortunately, the Rice family was far from the ideal family to adopt a child. Some time after the adoption, the pair managed to have a child of their own, Jeremy. Unfortunately, the burden of two children was a bit too much for James, who began to drink. And when he drank, he got violent. Eventually it became too much for Shirley, and she filed for divorce. Todd tried to convince her to stay, not for James, but for Jeremy, who was only about four at the time. Shirley took this as Todd "taking James's side", and when she left her husband, she took Jeremy but left Todd there.

Todd had no choice but to stay, until he was eighteen. He was a troubled child, forever getting into fights at school, getting into trouble with the law — basically a delinquent. Not only that, though. One day while his father was passed out drunk and Todd was basically alone in the house, he realized that he could sort of… become his own shadow. He could become either a three-dimensional or two-dimensional shadow, float, move through objects as if he weren't "real", and a host of other things one would expect of a living shadow. It didn't do him much good in escaping his abusive father, though.

But when he turned eighteen, he did something that WOULD help. He picked up and left in the night, getting as far away from Milwaukee as he could manage. New York City was where he ran out of land, so that's where he settled down. Kind of. Salvation Army shelters aren't exactly "settled down", but it's a start.

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