No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Ojin
Codename: Ojin
Alias: Ojin
Race: Klyntar(symbiote)
Team: Guardians of The Galaxy
Occupation: ShipWright/Navigator
Additional Info: Origin:

Ojin comes from the uncorrupted version of symbiotes known as Klyntar. Being the 1000th decedent of his line, he was guided by older symbiotes for several years before even being allowed to attempt to form a bond due to a high risk of psychotic breakdown, and he was also born with significantly more biomass then his kin, making him a giant among them. After a few years of careful guidance he was allowed to make a bond. It was then that it was discovered, due to his size, he would require a strong host, as his first died within a year of being bonded to him. At first he was questioned intensively to make sure it wasn't a break down or corruption. After being satisfied, he attempted to bond several more times with various species, and though some fared better then others, it was clear he would need to travel outside their home galexy to find a suitable host. As such he spent several years studying on politics and worlds outside of his home galaxy. Many Klyntar who travel outward become 'Unoffical' Emissaries for their kind, not only learning about worlds, but self defense along with a Profession to help live off-world. Ojin was no except and immediately entered training to become a ShipWright and Captain. Since then he has been traveling the Cosmos, insearch of a 'worthy' host, and doing whatever he needed to insure his survival.

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