Legacy Super-soldier
Played by: n/a
Name: Elijah Bradley
Alias: Elijah, Eli, and Patriot
Race: Metahuman
Team: n/a
Occupation: Library Worker
Additional Info: He needed a super soldier, so I became one.

It began when a time traveller from the future came to the present looking for the Avengers. Unable to find them at the time, he used a computer program to locate possible alternates. He came looking for a Super Soldier…the son of the person the Super Soldier Serum fas first tested on, but all he found was that person's nephew Elijah. Eli lied to him, told him he had found a super soldier, that he has gained powers from a transfusion of his Grandfather's blood, and used Mutant Growth Hormone to give himself temporary powers. Once the need for his powers was past and it was revealed that he was using an illegal steroid…he stepped down for a time.

Later, Eli was hurt and ACTUALLY did get a transfusion from his grandfather. His lies became truth and he resumed being a hero, the Super Soldier he claimed to be and now was in truth.

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