Tinkerbell's Big Sister
No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Megan Gwynn
Codename: Pixie
Alias: Megan and Pixie
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants
Occupation: Student
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Megan Gwynn never knew her parents. What she knows is that she was raised by her grandparents in Wales - and she grew up in peace and happiness. Her life changed one day when - at the tender age of fifteen, when, when a driver lost control of his car and careened towards her while she was on a bicycle.

The itch she had felt at her shoulders blossomed into pain, and a pair of wings that lifted her safely out of danger!

Her life got worse from that point on - she grew pointy ears, pink hair and eyes - and the villagers started avoiding her.

Her grandparents heard of Xavier's through the grapevine, and discreetly made arrangements for her to travel to America, as they wanted the very best for her. And so she went to Xavier's, bringing a bit of Welsh charm to America!

However, having reached the age of majority, she now has a choice ahead of her. Continue with Xavier's, try another institution like the Academy of Tomorrow, or any of the other colleges and universities in this world, or maybe just go off on her own and be independent?

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