Poison Ivy
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Name: Pamela Isley
Codename: Poison Ivy
Alias: Ivy
Race: Human
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Pamela Isley was the daughter of a wealthy family in Seattle. Her parents were rather distant, so she grew up, mostly on her own. When she went to college, she focused on Botany and specialized in Toxicology, intending to use it for perfume, make-up and medicine.

Instead, she was seduced by her professor into becoming a human test subject for his experiments. The experiments were torturous and nearly killed her twice. She ended up in the hospital and the professor fled the authorities and Isley was left with a changed physiology.

Now immune to all toxins, viruses, bacteria and fungi, and gaining the ability to seduce men and women to do her bidding with her pheromones. She also gained the ability to control plants at will.

With her former lover having betrayed her, she has had a genuine hatred for most men ever since. Renaming herself 'Poison Ivy', she hunted down the professor that turned her into what she is….and tortured him, much like he did her….until he escaped.

Now, she continues to hunt for the professor, but unfortunately, in doing so, she has become a criminal because she not only hurts others that destroy plants, such as deforestation, but she uses plants to attack people that have destroyed plants inside of a city.

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