The Mistress of Magnetism
No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Lorna Dane
Codename: Polaris
Alias: Lorna
Race: Mutant
Team: X-Men
Occupation: Teacher
Additional Info: Good and bad often come wrapped up in the same package, don't they? We just lean one direction or the other, depending on circumstances and personality.

A romantic tryst between Magneto and Suzanna Dane resulted in the birth of Lorna Dane. Suzanna's husband at the time, Arnold Dane, was unaware of the affair and believed Lorna to be his own. However, Arnold eventually learned of the affair. In order to confront his wife Suzanna without her simply walking away from him, Arnold took his family for a trip on his private plane. Whilst on the plane, Arnold and Suzanna's confrontation grew into a heated argument while three year old Lorna cowered from the increasing screaming from her parents. It was at this moment, while the fear and confusion of her parents arguing boiled up inside of her, that she felt the need to make them stop. She was desperate to make them stop fighting, to make them forgive, to forget, to make up. Emotions blasted from her core like a magnetic force, tearing their plane apart. Both of her parents were killed as what was left of the plane went down while Lorna miraculously survived.

Drawn to the magnetic force Lorna unknowingly expelled, Magneto found Lorna and recognized her powers as his own. He concluded that his three year old child was not yet powerful enough for his current plans and had her memory from that day wiped out. She was left with her uncle's family without knowing how her parent's actually died. It wasn't until her twentieth birthday that she was told of how she murdered her parents. She left home with grief in her heart and found herself in college where she appropriately majored in geophysics.

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