Power Girl
Power Girl
Played by: n/a
Name: Karen Starr
Codename: Power Girl
Alias: Kara Zor-El
Race: Kryptonian
Team: n/a
Occupation: n/a
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After discovering Krypton was about to explode via his Cousin Jor-L, Kara's father Zor-L launched her as an infant to Earth in a ship at the same time that Kal-L's ship was launched. However, Kara's ship took a much longer journey, resulting in her arriving on Earth decades after her cousin. Unlike Kal-L's ship which was designed for fast travel, Kara's "Symbioship" was designed to hold Kara in stasis during her development through the prolonged voyage. In addition, the ship's artificial intelligence had the life experiences and education of a Kryptonian in the form of a virtual reality program wherein she could interact with life-like copies of her parents and fellow Kryptonians. When she landed on Earth, Kara was the age of an adult woman in her early twenties. She was shocked to discover her Cousin was nowhere to be found!

She found some sort of Imposter wearing the Colors and symbol of her house of L he seemed to have similar powers to Kryptonian but when she confronted him he had no clue and it seemed a happy coincidence.
Clark as he called himself had already started to establish himself as a hero but in helping Kara adapt to human life the two grew extremely close, she learning about earth and he learning about krypton from her.
Kara sought to distance herself from clark mostly to protect him. To do this, Kara adopted the code name "Power Girl," and wore a white costume that was clearly different from Superman's iconic blue uniform. Though she was essentially the Supergirl of Earth-Two, the only thing in common between them was their blonde hair color and powerset. Other than that, Power Girl was completely her own character.

Power Girl began her very first adventure when she assisted the Justice Society members Flash and Wildcat by helping them stop a volcanic eruption in China. She later became a full time member of the Justice Society upon the retirement of Superman, and the Huntress (who on Earth-Two was the daughter of Batman and Catwoman) became her best friend.

Early in her JSA career, Power Girl attracted the attention of a newspaper reporter named Andrew Vinson, who wanted to know her full history. Power Girl was not receptive and told him to stay away. Later, while battling a group of criminals in Gotham City, Power Girl was attacked by Vinson, who was encased in what appeared to be bulky Kryptonian armor. The armor turned out to be Power Girl's own Symbioship, which had captured Vinson and used him to locate Power Girl. She freed the reporter from the Symbioship and apologized for its behavior. Undaunted, Vinson demanded an explanation and Power Girl finally revealed her origin story.

However, the Symbioship was not done with Power Girl. It came to life again and imprisoned her inside, putting her back into stasis. She was force-fed two more years of the Symbioship's virtual reality, during which she graduated from college on Kandor, fell in love with a Kryptonian man, and even married and had a child with him. But since Power Girl had now experienced true reality on Earth, she fought the temptation of the happy illusion, regaining consciousness and breaking out of the ship.

Power Girl and Andrew Vinson became friends after the Symbioship incident, and Vinson helped her establish the new secret identity of Karen Starr. Power Girl then borrowed Wonder Woman's Purple Ray of the Amazons so that she could instantly assimilate the knowledge necessary to become a top computer programmer. Afterward, Vinson recommended 'Karen Starr' to Gotham's Ultimate Computer Corporation (UCC), and she was hired to be their computer specialist. Eventually, she was so good and her intelligence was so extreme she was amassing a sizable amount of money and when it was revealed that UCC was a corrupt front for the criminal underworld by Huntress and batman. She helped them bring her bosses to justice but she also took the opportunity to purchase the company and rename it To Starrware Industries.

It was after that she decided to continue to be a superhero but tragedy struck, One of her best friends and girlfriend to Clark, Lois was killed. She was killed not by a supervillain but a warlord in Africa where she was doing a story on the warlords who of course didn't like what she was up to so they had her murdered. Clark, of course, was devastated but Kara was there for him every step of the way she helped him track down the killers. Several months later she and Clark would start a relationship, together they would end up the leaders of the JSA. It wasn't till years after they married that Kara would find Clark's ship and to her shock figure out that Clark was actually her cousin the ship having been hidden from him by his parents! using the ship they would create the fortress of solitude. Thankfully the fortress showed that while it was taboo on earth it wasn't on krypton for them to marry.

It was right around the time they were thinking of having a child that the Infinite Crisis happened and to her horror not only was she torn from her world. her Earth and everybody she knew was gone merged into the new earth one but she was still there and still had her memories, along with a few of her friends but they were soon torn from her by a crazed lex in a kyrptonian power armor . She would do battle with him but at the end she found herself in a difference earth one that wasn't her own strangely though her company was still here as was her fortune, but many other things were not.

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