Princess Powerful
Pint-Size Wonder
Played by: -
Name: Molly Hayes
Codename: Princess Powerful
Alias: Molly
Race: Mutant
Team: New Mutants
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
Additional Info: "Okay, if you guys can't even decide on a costume, then I'm not gonna sing our new theme song!"

Molly Hayes was born and 'raised' in Los Angeles. I say 'raised' because she only stayed there until she was eleven or so. After that everything went a little batty. She was raised thinking her mom was a speech therapist, and her dad was a doctor. They had pretty good money, but were not vastly wealthy. They lived in Malibu, and it was pretty nice, all in all.

She found out when she was just turning eleven or so that her parents were telepathic mutants, and were in fact in an evil organization with her friends parents, called The Pride. They were supervillains that ruled LA, and served evil aliens. It was super bad. So, her and her new friends became a team of runaways, who survived on their own while trying to learn about their various discovered power sets.

Eventually they defeated their parents and stopped the oncoming invasion before it even started. The kids took to the road, and spent a year or so adventuring together, before breaking apart due to social issues, personal problems and similar. Molly ended up on the street, until being discovered by the Institute.

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