Olivia Munn
Played by: Olivia Munn
Name: Betsy Braddock
Codename: Psylocke
Alias: Betsy
Race: Mutant
Team: X-Men
Occupation: Xavier Institute Teacher
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While some can claim a lineage that goes back centuries or is linked to the greats of old, Elizabeth Braddock was quite literally bred for super-heroism. Her father was 'Sir James Braddock', from 'Otherworld', the same realm as none other than Merlyn and several other magical supernatural entities well known as 'myth' to man. 'Mr.' Braddock came to Earth to father the hero that would become 'Captain Britain', Elizabeth's older brother. Jamie Braddock was raised to become Captain Britain and this was the 'older brother' that Elizabeth, or 'Betsy' and her twin Brian knew.

In her youth, Betsy worked as a charter pilot. She flew clients from point a to point b in relative luxury on planes like Lear Jets and Gulfstreams. Despite a rather posh career, It was from here in Betsy's early twenties that a long and rough road began for her. Her father's supercomputer 'Mastermind' had malfunctioned and ended up murdering her parents - in what looked like a laboratory accident. Later, It seemed like providence that her brother Brian was able to so readily step into the shoes of 'Captain Britain,' as her older brother Jamie was injured in an accident on Braddock Manor.

Brian stepped up to assume the mantle, while Betsy ended up caring for her injured elder brother and flying around the world as both brothers needed. It was during this time when Betsy and Brian had thier first run-ins with Synne and Hydra, and Betsy's latent telepathic powers awoke. They were eventually rescued by an impromtu Captain Britain-America alliance, and Betsy was able to overcome brainwashing with the help of both her brothers.

After a plane crash and her run in with Hydra, Betsy moved on from chartering business jets to more fertile professional ground as a supermodel. It was here that her talents as a telepath really began to develop when she was picked up by Britain's SHIELD-analogue 'STRIKE' and began working on thier PSI-Team as well as working on her modeling career. In her work for STRIKE, Betsy met 'Agent Gabriel', who became her first close friend and her first lover. During this time, STRIKE was nearly ended by Slaymaster's infiltration and Vixen's work to destroy STRIKE's Psi-Team, of which Betsy was a member. With her brother Brian's assistance, they were able to save what was left of the Psi-team, and Betsy once again moved on. A battle for Britain followed, where Betsy lost yet more of her friends and was first taught to harness her experience as a weapon of grief and wrath with her telepathic powers.

After the dissolution of STRIKE, Betsy's brother Brian had a battle with a 'Kaptain Briton' from another dimension and Betsy herself had to take up the mantle of Captain Britain. Here, Captain UK became her mentor as she learned to be a superhero, and fought alongside RCX (STRIKE's replacement) and honed her crimefighting skills.

It was acting independently when Betsy had finally met the X-Men. She'd been kidnapped by Mojo and Spiral, to be used as a for-entertainment team of superheroes - where she acquired her moniker 'Psylocke'. Generally an abused notion, she was rescued by the X-Men and participated in further rescues - saving what was left after a massacre of the morlocks, for example. Psylocke distinguished herself as one of the X-men as a powerful martial artist and an even more powerful telepath. As an X-Man (so to speak), Betsy developed a close relationship with Rogue and Storm, often working with either or both when on missions with the X-Men.

In one of these encounters, Psylocke was kidnapped by Matsuo Tatsuyaba in an attempt to use her body to ressurect his dead lover, Kwannon. Psylocke inherited a slice of Kwannon's essence (and vice versa), acquiring both her muscle memory and skill in the Assassin Arts - making her an ever more comptetent Martial Artist as well as a master of stealth. Between Kwannon's acquired skills and her owns, Psylocke became a sort of psychic ninja. This was the time where Psylocke was briefly the Lady Mandarin, but was able to overcome brainwashing and reclaim her own conscience. Psylocke returned to the X-men, where she is considered one of the senior and experienced members, having been at 'superheroing' through most of her adult life and thusly one of the most experienced X-Men.

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