Bella Thorne
Played by: Bella Thorne
Name: Twila Kohl
Codename: Pulse
Alias: Twila
Race: Metahuman
Team: Team Lazy
Occupation: Student
Additional Info: "You want me to wear what?"

Born and raised in New York City, Twila Kohl is The daughter of a poor family who is barely getting by. It wasn't always like this though. When she was younger, Her parents took very good care of her. Her father worked at the Docks while her mother was a school teacher. They raised Twila very well though teaching her the basics before she would start school.
In School, Twila fell in love with Music and began playing piano. She also enjoyed singing and would often do both whenever she could. Her father though pressured her to get into sports. This lead her to start doing track. Her grades were okay, and she got along with others well enough.
When she turned 12, Her mother came down really sick and was suddenly unable to work. She spent much of her life stuck in bed. This resulted in Twila having to learn how to cook and help out around the house. Her father struggled to pick up extra work and the family began to struggle to keep it together.
This way of life continued as she went through highschool. During her senior year, She was at winter track event. Things were going great. The evening was fine and she was set to take third in in Pole vault. Then a freak storm rolled in. Unknown to her, The entire world was about to change. As she ran her last vault, Lightning struck her vault. The electricity matched with the fusion of two different worlds sent her flying into a strange place where everything was red and yellow. Her body, Scarred from the lightning, began to heal as she passed out. When she woke up, she took off running. Her body accelerated faster then it ever had before. She exploded out of that strange world of red and yellow into this brave new world… but how long had passed?

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