Antonia Iacobescu
Played by: Antonia Iacobescu
Name: Rachel Roth
Codename: Raven
Alias: Raven
Race: Half Demon
Team: Titans
Occupation: UNEMPLOYED
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Rachel Roth, who almost always calls herself simply "Raven," was the daughter of the demon lord Trigon and an unfortunate human woman, Angela. Angela was a member of the Church of Blood, and was raped by Trigon as a way of creating a hybrid that would eventually open the way for him to come to Earth and, of course, conquer it. She was rescued by the Azarathian monks and taken to their pocket dimension.

There, Raven was born and raised. She was trained by Azar, the head of the order, to control her emotions and her inherited infernal powers. She was treated well, but it was hardly a normal childhood or a normal life. And she became aware that Trigon intended to come after her, destroy Azarath and claim his daughter. The only answer? Come to Earth for help - perhaps heroes can save her and her world. Or at least Azarath - she has little hope for herself and fears that they might well have to destroy her. She seeks allies against her father - and in return will do what she can to protect Earth from other threats.

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