River Song
Alex Kingston
Played by: Alex Kingston
Name: Melody Pond
Codename: River Song
Alias: River
Race: Gallifreyan/Human Hybrid
Team: n/a
Occupation: Thief
Additional Info: "I know one person who always gives a damn. He's not here, so I'm giving one on his behalf."

NOTE: The events in her bio represent her personal timeline, and may not be true for others.

River Song's life story is…well, easily one of the most complex tales told, simply because? Time travel. Always time travel. She was conceived on her parents' wedding night, on the TARDIS, in the time vortex. Apparently, conceiving kids in the time vortex results in some very, shall we say, interesting results. Although both of her parents were human, she was born with Gallifreyan DNA and some features…and already attuned to the vortex. Her mother named her Melody and insisted on giving her her last name, Pond, not her father's, Williams'. Unfortunately, her mother had been kidnapped while pregnant and Melody was stolen away by Madame Kovarian. She was raised for one purpose: As a tame Time Lord to assassinate the Doctor.

When they had properly conditioned her, they put her in an orphanage in 1969 Florida, forced her into a spacesuit and made their first attempt to get her to kill the Doctor. She managed to break the conditioning enough to flee - and hit the streets. Where she contracted a terminal illness…and regenerated. Calling herself Mels, she was inserted into Amy…her mother's…school, and became a paradox (Amy named her daughter after her high school friend who was of course her daughter). She was a trouble maker, a thief, a joyrider and overall a bad influence.

This culminated in her holding the Doctor at gunpoint and ordering him to take her to World War II to kill Hitler. The struggle caused the TARDIS to crash…and inadvertently saved Hitler's life instead (something she considers her worst act). She was hit by a stray bullet and regenerated into her current form…and then poisoned the doctor with a poison in her lipstick, one she had already taken the antidote to, which was particularly designed to be fatal to Gallifreyans. She ran amok, but came back…and found out that she had a future with the Doctor. Given she was not entirely sane…this ended with her sacrificing her remaining regenerations to save his life.

She entered Luna University in the 52nd century, and studied archaeology - as well as broadening her general knowledge. But she found out that her killing the Doctor was a fixed point. Trying to rebel against it shattered time - and as far as everyone could see she killed him (She actually killed a shapeshifting alien robot). Her and the Doctor were married. But she was imprisoned for his murder, back in her "home" century. She chose to stay in jail so that the Doctor would appear to be dead to his enemies…whilst cheerfully escaping to hang out with him at irregular intervals (in fact, she goes back to jail for "vacations"). Now she's hanging out on Earth, mostly because she's having surprising difficulties with her vortex manipulator. Most of the time anyway.

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