Son of Batman
No bah dy
Played by: No bah dy
Name: Damian Wayne
Codename: Robin
Alias: Damian
Race: human
Team: Batman Family
Occupation: Son of Batman
Additional Info: "Really Grandfather? Ninja? I'm insulted."

Damian was born to Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne, among the League of Assassins. He was raised by his mother, since his father had no idea he was alive, as Ibn al Ghul, a name he would carry for nearly a decade. Translating roughly as 'Son of Ghul', the boy was a product of genetic engineering as much as regular genetics, intended to become the best assassin the world had ever seen. Knowing only his mother, grandfather and the assassins of the League, Damian was trained and tested to be an apex predator, a killer of men and the scourge of anyone unfortunate enough to be wanted dead by the League. To say that his early childhood among the League was trying would be to diminish the great accomplishment of surviving the process. Damian, Ibn to all around him, was starting on the path to one day take over the League from his grandfather, Ra's al Ghul.

It's nearly impossible to tell how he would have turned out had it not been for his curiosity about his father. The information he got from his mother was vague at best, and the boy needed more. In the end he would duel his mother for the right to know him, a duel which he would win only after several years of trying. For Talia it was an unexpected bonus, as she took Damian to Gotham for the dual purpose of sating the boy's curiosity, and disrupt Bruce's work with the knowledge of his progeny. She was certain Ibn's mental conditioning would be strong enough to ensure he chose the right path, the path of the Assassin.

In the end it was that mental fortitude that would be the undoing of that plan, as Damian got to know his father and the measure of his character. Through the darkness there was nobility of purpose, a purpose greater than the taking of lives. Eventually he was given the choice; stay with his father, or return with his mother to the life he had always known, the life he was being prepared for. Much to Talia's surprise, the boy chose to stay.

It's not been easy, but Damian and Bruce have started to bond, and the rocky early days of their relationship has started to ease into the rapids of mutual respect. As Damian once put it, his mother may have given him life but his father has taught him how to live. All of this has been a surprise to Gotham as much as it has been to Bruce, and slowly the society pages are starting to fill up with Gotham's newest darling, while in the shadows criminals are starting to learn to fear Robin as much as Batman…

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