Southern Belle
Name: Anna-Marie D'Ancanto
Codename: Rogue
Alias: Belle
Race: Mutant
Team: X-Men
Occupation: French Teacher - Xavier's School
Additional Info: NA



Rogue was primarily raised by her aunt, Carrie Carlyle, after tragedy
befell her parents when she was six years old. Rogue's mother and father
disappeared during a strange accident at a party one night on the Commune that
they lived on. Both of her parents disappeared into a mysterious portal
created by an unknown mutant, leaving their daughter behind and alone.

Mystique was there that night that Anna-Marie's parents vanished. She
witnessed the entire ordeal and she took Anna-Marie in and escorted her to
live at her Aunt's farm in Meridian Mississippi.

But the overwhelming grief of the loss of her mother and father caused
young Anna-Marie to misbehave regularly and run away from home on many
different occasions. It was these actions that lead her Aunt Carrie to first
refer to the girl as "Rogue" and Anna-Marie willingly adopted the nickname.

Rogue's mutant power first manifested in her early teens when she
kissed Cody Robbins. Her mind filled with his memories, and he fell into a
prolonged coma. The events that followed this, with Cody's angry family and
scared townsfolk rallying behind them, lead to the final time that Anna-Marie
would run away from her aunt's house… to seek comfort in the friends she'd
made away from home, namely Raven Darkholme, who had stayed in contact with
Anna-Marie ever since the night of her parents disappearance.

Here she fell in with a group of mutants calling themselves the
'Brotherhood'. Their leader, Mystique who had particularly taken interest in
Anna-Marie, taught her about her powers and helped instruct her on how to best
use them, Rogue felt more at-home and happy than ever before.

Over time, Mystique began to sway Rogue's trust and coaxed the girl
into participating in her criminal endeavors. On her first mission, the
inexperienced Rogue clashed with a super-popwered Mutant at the San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge and permanently absorbed the person's memories and powers,
including super-strength and flight.

This battle left Rogue in shambles, however, as she was devastated by
her own actions in harming this mutant, whom she found out was not deserving
of these actions. The guilt overwhelmed Anna-Marie.

Yet again, Rogue would run away from her home.

It has been three years now, that Rogue has been on her own on the
Road. She's experienced a lot, most of it bad, but its been the adventure she
always dreamed of going on as a child and she feels she has no where to go or
anyone to help her.

At least that is what she was lead to believe until she heard of a
school for mutants in the New York area. Once locating the school, Anna-Marie
hitch-hiked her way across the country and approached Xavier's School. She
laid out her case to them, explained all she'd done and been through in her
life with her mutant powers and asked to join.

Though some of the X-Men were leery at the thought of accepting Rogue,
Xavier himself insisted that a mutant of Rogue's powers needed their help to
overcome her past and to nourish the good that Xavier believed was in her

Rogue is 23 years old now and she's a graduated student from Xaiver's
School. She's even gone on to earn a teaching degree from a Westchester
college and has been teaching at Xavier's for a yars now.


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