Phil LaMarr
Played by: Phil LaMarr
Name: Rom
Codename: Rom
Alias: Rom
Race: Galadorian
Team: Spaceknights
Occupation: Spaceknight
Additional Info: NA

Rom was born about two hundred Earth years ago on Galador, the home planet of a peaceful civilization at the peak of its prosperity. With war virtually unknown, Galador's active fleet of starships traveled the galaxy to share their technology and philosophy with other civilizations. Although the Galadorians had always been universally welcomed, upon entering the so-called Dark Nebula for the first time, an armada of Dire Wraiths, a hostile civilization of shape changing beings, ambushed them. The Dire Wraiths supplemented their attack by summoning Deathwing, a large bird-like demonic being that consumed whole spaceships, leaving survivors burned and disfigured. By the end of the attack, the entire Galadorian space fleet had been destroyed.

The Prime Director of Galador, learning of the disaster, asked the general populace of the planet for volunteers to sacrifice their human bodies and undergo surgical conversion into an army of cyborg warriors called Spaceknights, who would be adapted for the rigors of combat in outer space. Rom, the first of millions to volunteer in response to the public call, was on of a few hundred to be accepted and undergo conversion. He underwent surgery in which his brain was transplanted into an exoskeleton of cybernetic circuitry and armor, onto which his autonomic and central nervous systems were grafted. The rest of Rom's original body, along with the rest of the original bodies of the Spaceknights, was safely preserved on Galador. The Galadorians intended to restore the Spaceknights to human form once their war with the Dire Wraiths was over.

The Spaceknights were dispatched with rocket pods and offensive weapons especially suited to each Spaceknight's particular cybernetic strengths. In the major confrontation that ensued, the Spaceknights of Galador destroyed the bulk of the Dire Wraiths' fleet and the creature Deathwing as well. Rom was singled out for his bravery and declared a Galadorian hero. Large numbers of Wraiths had escaped the battle, however, and Wraith strongholds were believed to exist in other parts of the universe. Rom declared to his fellow Spaceknights and to the Prime Director that the Wraith threat could not be considered ended until the last remaining Dire Wraith had been hunted down and cast into the dimension of limbo. (The Galadorians preferred banishment to limbo rather than death as a fate for the Dire Wraiths).

Rom and the other Spaceknights left Galador to stalk Dire Wraiths throughout the universe, and did so for nearly two hundred Earth years. When a Galadorian probe detected a major concentration of Dire Wraiths on Earth, where shape-changing Wraiths disguised themselves as human beings, Rom volunteered to go to Earth to deal with the Wraith menace alone, lest the presence of the Spaceknight armada unduly alarm the local populace. Mentus, ruler of Galador, agreed to Rom's proposal and dispatched him.

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