Activity Requirements for FCs

We do not condone character squatting. It hurts the game and the players who actually wish to participate.

If you play a FC (Established Marvel character) you are expected to actually RP. If there is no visible RP activity from you in a 30 day period (ie. Logs on the wiki) Your character is available for others to app. If someone does and you still haven't displayed any form of activity, you lose your character and the other person wins out.

If something comes up and you know you won't be able to RP for a set period of time (ie. vacation, illness, death in the family) Please inform staff so we can set a tag to keep reference of this. This will give you up to a one month period.

The Golden Rule of RP: Don't be a jerk.

If you have to ask if you're being a jerk, you probably are. Stop it. Play nice. Be considerate. And if this is not enough to help you. Read on.

Ways to avoid being a jerk.

  • Remember for every FC, there are several ways to interpret the character. Your interpretation is not the only way. If they passed the app process, leave them be.
  • This also applies to power concepts being used by OCs. If they passed the app process, leave them be.
  • Unless someone puts up a notice in the form of a bboard message or a shout out on a channel that they're having an open scene, assume that it's meant to be a smaller scene. Ask before joining.

Guidelines for RP

  • Unless advertised on pub or rp chan as being an open scene, assume it is not one and ask before joining.
  • A brief summary of the scene for late joiners is a nice thing to give so they can join in easier. (You guys have been great with this.)
  • Please let those joining your scene know what the pose order guidelines are for a scene. People come from different schools of thought on this and a litle clarification early on can prevent awkwardness later.
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